The Office First Look: Look Who's Reuniting!

After several seasons apart, one of The Office‘s most beloved twosomes is finally reunion-bound. But which Dunder Mifflin duo is getting back together? Is it Dwight and Angela and their maybe baby? Or will Andy and Erin find themselves back in the awkward arms of love? (Spoiler Alert: The following photos reveal all!)

The couple is question is — drumroll, please — Andy and Erin!

In the episode titled “Get the Girl” (airing Thursday, March 15), boss man Andy discovers that Erin intends to permanently relocate to Florida, prompting him to hit the road in hopes of bringing his quirky onetime love back home. And based on the super-spoilery pictures below, the reunion between the two goes really, really well. (So long, Jessica.)

Take a peek at these hot shots, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the dorky lovebirds!

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