Community Cast, Producers Feeling 'Confident' About Season 4; Plus: Scoop on That Big Death

The cast and creators of Community hit the stage at the 2012 PaleyFest on Saturday, and did their best to answer the question on every Human Being’s mind: Will NBC give the little comedy that could a much-deserved fourth season?

While it’s still too early for a definitive answer, executive producer Russ Krasnoff (who handles the business side of the show) said he isn’t worried. “The people at NBC love the show,” he shared. “So, we’re feeling pretty confident.”

Exec producer Neil Goldman, however, warned the show’s fans not to be complacent. “We need you guys again,” he said. “You’ll get to see these next 12 [episodes], but continue to spread that word and be loud. Twitter is great, but sometimes we think it’s preaching to the converted.

“I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to reach those eight families who have Nielsen boxes,” he joked, “but keep it up.”

And, echoing Goldman’s sentiments, there are 12 new episodes to look forward to (beginning March 15), which showrunner Dan Harmon promised are quite the spectacle. “I wouldn’t say [Community] got better and I wouldn’t say it got worse [in these final 12 installments], he mused. “I know it got different.”

Continued the EP, “It’s got the highest body count of any TV season that I can think of… we’ve had three or four people die so far, and there’s more to come!”

Though the brains behind this whole Community operation remained mum on whose days are numbered, he did reveal some other scoopy stuff fans can look forward to.

“We’ve mentioned before there’s a Law & Order episode — old school Law & Order — and I saw the final cut of it and it’s great,” shared Harmon. “There’s also an episode that will either the best or worst thing that’s ever happened on television…where Annie and Abed basically spend the entire episode in the Dreamatorium. And there’s one where [the group] plays a video game together… so it’s a video game episode.”

Other topics covered during the PaleyFest panel discussion:

Community‘s first episode back involves Shirley, a Miss Piggy voice and a wonderful little proposal. “I told Malcolm-Jamal Warner ‘No pressure, but I need this to be the most romantic thing that’s every happened to me,'” Yvette Nicole Brown joked.

There are some fun new study group pairings in the second half of the season, particularly between Annie and Britta, which Alison Brie said has a “sisterly vibe.” There’s also some good Jeff/Shirley stuff ahead.

Community webisodes are on the way! From March 7 to March 9, “Abed’s Master Key,” parts I, II and III will air on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Check out the trailer here and take a peek at the awesome key art below.

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