Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Did the Right Designer Get the Boot This Week?

And just like that, we’re down to the Final 4. Thursday night’s episode whittled down the field with a peculiar/interesting but ultimately not-very-rewarding challenge: The designers were tasked with creating avant garde looks using $100 in fabric and $300 of lightning technology. Pharrell Williams popped up as guest judge, offering a rather nebulous bonus prize of promising that one of his artists would eventually wear the winning design.

Here’s my take on the week’s five looks:

* I’m honestly shocked that Kenley — with her voluminous upholstery jacket and neon-tape plaid flared dress (pictured) — didn’t take home Best in Show. As Georgina pointed out, she managed the difficult task of putting together a giant sleeve and a full skirt and managed not to make her model look enormous.

* I’m always and forever on #TeamMondo, but the way he put those light-up stripes down the sides of his model’s dress made her look downright bulky. Granted, it was constructed better than Michael’s samurai princess contraption (Georgina was right: It held up better in motion than it did standing still for judgment time), but I felt like either one of my favorite designers was eligible to round out the Bottom 2 with Jerell.

* I don’t agree with a lot of what Isaac Mizrahi’s been saying this season — sometimes, it seems like he’s actually jealous of the contestants’ successes, doesn’t it? — but he was spot-on when he said Jerell’s fiber-optic mess looked like it came from a joke store. (But then again, couldn’t that be said of three or four of Jerell’s looks this season?) In my book, he was the right choice for elimination.

* Austin’s gown was ethereral and flattering, but I agreed with Angela that he didnt really embrace the spirit of the challenge. His “night sky” look was basically a swoop of black tulle with some lights placed on top of it. So how exactly did he come out on top over Kenley?

What did you think of this week’s Runway? Did Austin deserve the win? Did Jerell deserve to go home? Sound off in the comments!