Survivor: One World: What Was This Week's Best Moment? Take Our Poll!

matt quinlan survivorSo many wretched contestants, so many dreadful decisions. That pretty much sums up my feelings on the first three episodes of Survivor: One World. That said, this week’s installment delivered a few glimmers of, well, if not actual hope, at least something not entirely aggravating.

* After having to go to the men’s camp and beg for a few minutes in front of their fire, the scatterbrained women’s tribe finally pulled it together in a memory-game reward challenge and crushed the men 5-0. (Bonus: Kat and Troyzan going seven rounds before one of ’em got it right. Priceless!)

* The women rallying from an enormous defecit during the immunity challenge — which found one team member playing caller to three pairs of bound tribemates, guiding them through an obstacle course to retrieve some puzzle pieces, then putting said puzzle together — to score a narrow and very thrilling victory. I’m not a huge fan of any of these ladies, but I’ll admit to pumping my fist a little when they won. Hey, it keeps the game interesting. Plus, the guys are equally deplorable.

* Probst telling Colton it was a “reverse ‘duh’ double-dare on you” when he called out the lone gay member of Manono for acting as if his alliance with the competing tribe of women was perfectly solid game strategy.

* Matt (pictured) blathering to Troyzan about being one of the “roosters” of the men’s tribe, and talking about creating a “new reality,” then getting the smug wiped right off his face after he got blindsided by Colton, Tarzan, and the alliance of misfits. I loved Tarzan asking Probst if he could hear the rest of the votes after our MVP host stopped the tally with the snuffing of Matt’s torch. (Spoiler alert: Probst said no.)

What was your favorite movement from this week’s Survivor: One World? Take our poll below! And then expand on your thoughts — or offer additional options — down in the comments!

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