Hot Smash Video: Ivy Gives Karen Some 'Advice'

After the “Birthday” incident we shared with you from next Monday’s Smash, there was sure to be a counter-attack from Ivy Lynn. But we didn’t expect Karen to approach the Marilyn star first, as seen in this follow-up clip.

With her Midwestern mannerisms, Karen cautiously addresses the elephant in the room — the air of antagonism between her and the veteran chorus girl — but to her surprise, Ivy feigns shock before letting slip her true colors by pairing dagger eyes with an icy smile that would make Victoria Grayson proud.

To top it all off? Ivy then offers Karen some “advice” in the form of a threatening quip.

Has Smash Really Cast Its Marilyn? ‘It’s More Complicated Than You Think,’ Says Producer

Press PLAY below to see Ivy’s fightin’ words.

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