New Spoiler Alert! Private Practice Drops 'Huge Bomb'! Walking Dead Dish! Hot Justified Preview!

Private Practice SpoilersA bomb will detonate in Private Practice‘s March 15 episode. And not just any bomb — a “huge” one, according to castmember and Spoiler Alert! special guest Paul Adelstein. And he should know since he directed the gut-wrenching episode, during which “a lot of the personal storylines come to a head.”

But which couple finds itself on the receiving end of the (figurative) explosive device? Press play below for an answer to that question, as well as an update on PP‘s renewal chances.

Also in this week’s Spoiler Alert!:

* TVLine’s Matt Mitovich and I dissect last week’s standout Shane/Rick-centric Walking Dead.

* Keith Powell (30 Rock) and Josh Cooke (Dexter, Better With You) enter Spoiler Alert Theater to perform a tense, sexually suggestive face-off from next week’s Justified.