Hot Video: Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo Squashes Katherine Heigl Comeback Buzz

Katherine Heigl may be up for a quickie return to Grey’s Anatomy, but it would appear the feeling isn’t mutual.

In a telling exchange on Monday’s Chelsea Lately, special guest Ellen Pompeo dismissed talk that Heigl may be checking back into Seattle Grace as Izzie.

“I don’t think so,” Pompeo replied with a rather telling chuckle. “No, I don’t think that’s happening.”

In January while doing press for her action-comedy One For the Money, Heigl told TVLine, “If they want me to return for an arc, I would love to know where Izzie is now. It’s been a couple of years. I really hope she’s succeeding somewhere.”

Press PLAY below to watch Pompeo’s lively interview with host Chelsea Handler, during which she also weighed in on her many Grey’s sex partners (Patrick Dempsey included).

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