Exclusive Smash Video: Karen's 'Birthday' Does Not Make Ivy 'Happy'

Things are about to get particularly prickly on Smash, and to that end TVLine has an exclusive first look at a bit of a “Birthday” beat-down.
NBC’s musical drama this week planted the seed for a bit of a behind-the-curtain rivalry between Ivy Lynn, who landed the title role in Marilyn: The Musical, and Karen, who fell short but still copped a spot in the ensemble.

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And while Karen has courted favor with Ivy’s singing-and-dancing minions, she’ll still have to contend with The Star herself, as evidenced by this clip from next Monday’s episode, in which Derek asks the almost-Marilyn to show Ivy “how to do this.”
And as she does? If. Looks. Could. Kill.

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Press PLAY below to see Karen’s sweet notes make her rival visibly sour. (Smash airs Mondays at 10/9c.)

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