Big Bang Theory Exclusive: Leonard Nimoy Finally Agrees to Cameo – But There's a Twist!

Leonard Nimoy The Big Bang TheoryCBS’ The Big Bang Theory is at long last beaming up Leonard Nimoy.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Star Trek icon will fulfill Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) lifelong dream when he makes a cameo in the show’s March 29 episode. But there’s a catch: Nimoy will be heard, not seen.

According to an insider, Nimoy will speak to Sheldon, as Spock, in a dream sequence.

Sheldon’s obsession with Nimoy has been a recurring theme on the show. In a classic Season 2 episode, Penny gave him a napkin autographed by the sci-fi legend for Christmas. And in the show’s 100th episode last month, Sheldon received in the mail a life-size cardboard cut-out of Mr. Spock, but was horrified to discover it wasn’t the Nimoy version he ordered but the Zachary Quinto incarnation.

The hit comedy’s producers have made several overtures to Nimoy over the years, referring to him as their “dream” guest star. Nimoy, however, has largely retired from on-camera acting, though he has found workarounds, be it voicing an animated William Bell on Fringe or popping up in a pre-taped Emmys bit or Bruno Mars music video.

Big Bangers, what do you think of this most logical cameo?