Exclusive First Look: Ringer Finally Reveals Siobhan's [Spoiler]!

Ringer is on the verge of unveiling one of the freshman thriller’s biggest secrets: Siobhan’s MIA baby bump!

OK, it’s not the biggest secret, but the presumed-dead sister has thus far navigated both Paris and New York without showing off her burgeoning belly… until now.

In the episode airing March 13 (The CW, 9/8c), titled “What We Have Is Worth the Pain”, the ruthless Siobhan clings to her tummy while engaging in what looks to be a pretty intense convo with baby daddy Henry — one which probably pertains to, you know, the mom-to-be faking her own death a few weeks back.

Take a peek at our exclusive photo below, and then hit the comments with your reactions to the very preggers twin!