Hot Videos: Jimmy Kimmel Presents Oprah's Book Club Fight Club, Star-Studded Movie Trailer

Can Oprah Winfrey throw a good head-butt? And what if it were up to a disabled George Clooney to save a world where super-spy Ed Norton married President Josh Brolin? Such were the unanticipated questions answered as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s apres-Academy Awards special that aired late Sunday after Hollywood’s starriest night.

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In this first clip, Kimmel tees up the trailer for Movie: The Movie, a mega-star-studded romantic-comedy sci-fi thriller action fantasy starring… well, pretty much everyone in Hollywood, including multiple Academy Award winners as well as real-life sweethearts John Krasinski (The Office) and Emily Blunt. (Alas, Matt Damon dressed in grapes will not make the final cut.)

Kimmel also welcomed Oprah Winfrey as a special guest, paving the way for him to pitch some program ideas for her (struggling) OWN Network, including a brutal variation on her book club and a “three-way” with Jennifer Aniston that quickly becomes a bit awkward:

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