Sarah Shahi Teases 'Delicious' Fairly Legal Love Triangle - and a Secret That Will Rock [Spoiler]!

Ever since USA Network’s Fairly Legal added Aussie Ryan Johnson to the cast for Season 2 — as a “sharp trial attorney/potential romantic interest for Kate” — the question from fans has been: What does this mean for Kate and her semi-estranged husband Justin (played by Michael Trucco)?

What it means is “a lot of trouble,” series star Sarah Shahi told me at a recent NBC soiree. “Yeah… Justin’s not going to have some very happy times.”

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Johnson’s (accent-free) character, Ben Grogan, is recruited by managing partner Lauren to save Reed & Reed, which as Season 2 picks up is on the verge of collapse. And while Ben’s scrappy, ambulance-chasing ways make Kate more than bristle, there will be sexual tension.

“Ben is competition, and eventually we are building to a delicious love triangle,” Shahi notes. As such, she jokes, “Trucco is going to have to kick up his game — and he does, he totally does. He brings it. But we’ll see if it’s good enough.”

Especially since, as an added wrinkle, a new hunk in town isn’t the only curve ball about to the thrown at the not-quite-exes-with-benefits.

“We learn something about Justin that we didn’t know before and that Kate is not happy with,” Shahi shares with a wink. “That’s all I’m going to say!”

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Fairly Legal premieres Season 2 on Friday, March 16, at 9/8c (leading into In Plain Sight‘s final season).