Is Walking Dead Time-Trippin'? A Good Wife on House? Gob Bluth Lives? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including HouseFringeCastle and Glee!

1 | So now this Olivia on Fringe is into Peter, too? Man, Lincoln Lee just can’t catch a break, in any timeline. Meanwhile, Olivia’s bladder has the worst timing, doesn’t it? (Then again, using a truck-stop restroom, she probably got off easy with a simple abduction.)

2 | Assuming that August tampered with the Once Upon a Time storybook, wouldn’t Henry be quick to notice? Aren’t we to believe the kid has read and re-read the tome, like, 815 times?

3 | Um, how long exactly did The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Hershel hover over those Philadephians’ dead bodies? Because that initial bar fight took place in broad daylight. And should we be worried that the show is turning Shane into a one-dimensional psycho stalker/killer?

4 | Is Desperate Housewives‘ Juanita Solis the funniest kid currently on TV (outside of Modern Family)? On the not-so-great side, did the show forget that Bree’s already been down the “romantic involvement with a controlling psycho” path (i.e. pharmacist George in Season 2), or have they simply stopped caring?

5 | Did the Pan Am finale wrap up everything far too cheesily?

6 | Is anyone else expecting Shameless‘ Grammy Gallagher to pop up on Breaking Bad next season?

7 | Did House‘s Dominika magically endear herself to us with this week’s encore, in part by aerobicizing to Amy Grant?

8 | On Gossip Girl, didn’t the description of Dan’s second novel, Monarch of Manhattan, sound a little too much like NBC’s short-lived Kings? And do you agree with Caroline Lagerfelt that CeCe deserved a more fabulous sendoff?

9 | Who out there got irrationally emotional when How I Met Your Mother‘s Robin moved out, with Florence and the Machine playing in the background? (On the flip side, enough with Robin and Ted already!)

10 | For two Februarys in a row now, Castle and Beckett have prevented global threats. Next year, will they crack a case on the International Space Station, Moonraker-style?

11 | Wasn’t it about time that one of these Alcatraz inmates got all golly-gee-whiz! over their exposure to something like a smart phone streaming Internet video?

12 | Didn’t the dial-up Internet on Hart of Dixie seem unrealistically fast?

13 | Is there any scenario other than The Bachelor where it would be considered a negative for parents to be skeptical of their daughter getting engaged to a guy who’s openly dating three other women?

14 | The rain-soaked reconciliation for Parenthood‘s Crosby-Jasmine — while sweet — came way too easily (and sorta outta nowhere), right? That said, where does the support group meet after next week’s episode?

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15 | On Glee, wasn’t Mr. Schue’s story about contemplating suicide in high school the rogue hair floating in an otherwise poignant winter finale stew?

16 | Could you tell that White Collar‘s Peter and Neal weren’t really having a catch there on the Yankee Stadium infield? (That’s the one scene the show had to fake.)

17 | Has Raising Hope‘s Sabrina always been so make-up-y?

18 | Hey, girllll… isn’t it nice to see the full New Girl credits again?

19 | Was there any funnier 30 seconds on TV this week than Dalia’s wickedly specific revenge fantasy directed at Tessa on Suburgatory?

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20 | Which was the bigger Happy Endings crowd-pleaser: Bear Max, or Jane and Brad fake-fighting?

21 | Can the TV Academy go ahead and announce Grey’s Anatomy guest star Loretta Devine’s Emmy nomination for this year? And while they’re at it, should they pencil in Private Practice‘s Anika Noni Rose as well?

22 | Has Amy Farrah Fowler all but turned into The Big Bang Theory‘s version of Betty “I Say Incongruously Naughty Things” White?

23 | Who else caught that awesome Arrested Development Easter egg on Up All Night? If you missed it, here’s a hint: It involved Will Arnett and a certain chicken sound.

24 | Why is Parks and Recreation still trying to make Tom and Ann happen? It’s just weird.

25 | Didn’t Kenley’s dress on Project Runway All Stars look more like the American flag than Chile’s?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!