Bones' T.J. Thyne Has Fun Helping The Finder: Unlike Booth, Walter Takes Hodgins Seriously

Though Bones doesn’t return until April 5, fans can still get a dose of Hodgins, that lovable conspiracy theorist, when T.J. Thyne visits Fox’s The Finder this Thursday at 9/8c. The set-up: When the Jeffersonian team takes a breather, Hodgins will play — or more specifically go hunting for ETs! — in Miami with the spinoff’s offbeat P.I., Walter Sherman (played by Geoff Stults). Thyne gave TVLine an overview of this second Bones crossover.

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TVLINE | What brings Hodgins to Florida?
Hodgins is in Miami because he’s presented with this opportunity to find something that has landed somewhere on planet Earth that came from outer space. He has not a clue where this object might be, so he comes to the one person that he believes can help him find it — Walter.  Jack is convinced that it involves aliens, that this is definitely something very extraterrestrial in origin. Walter isn’t necessarily convinced of that, but he’s willing to have a go at it. Whether it ends up being aliens or not, there’s definitely a huge conspiracy going on and these two conspiracy theorists together make a good team to be tackling this.

TVLINE | Is Hodgins, like, in Heaven?
He really is. Hodgins is in Heaven. In his world up in D.C., people don’t take him seriously, you know? Booth kind of shrugs him off like he’s just an idiot, and yet Walter really, really thinks that he’s got something here, and that’s so fun to play. It’s really exciting to have someone take you seriously when this means so much to you, so we really get to see a side of Jack that we haven’t seen before.

TVLINE | Since Walter isn’t really a believer in aliens, do they butt heads a bit?
They butt heads a lot, but they also get along. They have a really good chemistry. They come up with different plans on how to solve some things, and they’re both right there with each other on it. But the actual what is happening is the thing that they butt heads on from the start to the end. For Jack, it’s very much about extraterrestrial life and for Walter, it’s very much about “the Man” and corporations and things like that. But they’re both convinced that something is in fact happening, and I think they’re right.

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TVLINE | Do you interact with some of The Finder‘s other characters, too?
Yeah. When this world is opened, Hodgins warns them that there’s many people that are not going to like the fact that they’re out looking for this thing — and sure enough, they run right smack into those people. It rattles Walter and so he needs to bring the rest of the team on board to help.

TVLINE | What’s going on back in the homestead while Hodgins is in Florida?
Angela’s off with the baby, doing like a mommy-and-tots arts camp off in Sedona, which is very Angela. And of course, Jack is fine with that. And since Cam’s off on vacation for about a week, the Jeffersonian Lab is shut down. So Jack, instead of going off and having a lot of fun somewhere or going on vacation, heads down to Miami to dig deep with Walter into this conspiracy.

TVLINE | Bones and The Finder share a timeline then?
They’re both taking place at the same time, yeah, which is really fun. That’s what allows us to do these crossovers, and I actually love that. So yes, we can come back and forth — and matter of fact, we do.

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