Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Fringe, Once Upon a Time, White Collar, Good Wife, House and More!

What does Fringe‘s David Robert Jones want with Olivia? What surprises await White Collar‘s Neal as he faces the prospect of freedom? What “interesting” things did Archie Panjabi share about The Good Wife? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Fringe | I try not to oversell things, but this Friday’s Fringe – the last one before a three-week break — is damn entertaining. When last we tuned in, Olivia had been abducted and thrown into some sort of holding room with a bedraggled Nina, just as another Nina was suspected of sneaking Cortexiphan out of MD’s deep storage and administering it to her “daughter.” Well, this week David Robert Jones will very quickly make his (short-term) agenda with Olivia known, while elsewhere Peter and Walter labor to figure out where Olivia has been taken to and Broyles does his darnedest to make Nina talk. As seen in the extended trailer I shared the other day, the Observer known as September portends to hold answers for Peter, and that sets up six of the series’ all-time most compelling minutes. How do things leave off heading into this mini-hiatus? I’ll just say that someone makes an impossibly difficult decision in the name of the greater good.

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The Finder | Tonight on the Bones spin-off, young Willa gets a visit from her Uncle Shad (played by guest star Eric Roberts), and it is very much not “happy to see me.” As Maddie Hasson explains, “She doesn’t like him very much — and something definitely happened between them to make her have an aversion to him.” Not helping the sitch is Shad’s determination to lure Willa away from Miami and back into a life of thievery. That’s easier said than done, however. “She wants so badly to rebel from him because she is finding this life here with Leo and Walter, and finding how great it can be to have someone care about you,” says Hasson.”I think she resents [her uncle] for never giving that to her.”

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Once Upon a Time | This just in! Sebastian Stan’s heretofore top-secret role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time has been revealed. The onetime Gossip Girl bad boy will be playing the Mad Hatter in Episode 17, set to air this spring. “We find out how the Mad Hatter became mad,” says EP Eddie Kitsis of the trip to Wonderland, which also finds The Who’s Roger Daltrey voicing the hookah-smoking caterpillar. “Sebastian is so good in this role. He’s brilliant,” Kitsis adds. “We’re really excited.”

White Collar | Turning to another stellar screener, the USA Network drama’s Season 3 capper is every bit as thrilling as Tiffani Thiessen and Tim DeKay promised it to be. For starters, if you think that when it comes to the decision on Neal’s commutation, there are only two possible outcomes, think again. (As Mozzie notes at one point, there’s always a “worse worst-case scenario.”) And even with all the testimonies we see given (largely) on Neal’s behalf, there’s time for a caper, when a gnarly bit of Caffrey’s past proves to be the largest threat to his future as a free man. And did I mention the stunt work on the Roosevelt Island tram? And the surprise name on the list of folks being interviewed about Neal? And the bit of intel disclosed about Neal’s [spoiler]? How it all wraps up, make no mistake, raises a big question about how Season 4 will play out.

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The Good Wife | Oh, how we love Archie Panjabi – perhaps in part even because of the way she craftily parses out scoop. Just before she won an NAACP Image Award last Friday for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, we saw her on the red carpet and asked what’s ahead for Kalinda and Cary, especially now that Dana seems as out of the picture as ever. “It gets even more interesting and complicated,” she shared. Oh, so might we see some new romantic developments on that front? “I think you’re going to see some interesting developments on that front,” she teased. “You definitely see them in an interesting dilemma.” As for the seed planted in the latest episode, in which Alicia needs to help Kalinda out of some IRS-related pickle, Panjabi confirmed that storyline will stretch into the season finale, adding that the matter will become “really quite worrying” for Kalinda.

Private Practice | When I chatted up KaDee Strickland, she was in the midst of shooting an episode that was being directed by no less than her scene partner, Paul Adelstein. And what sort of fare did he have to work with this second time around? “They gave him one helluva episode,” Strickland avowed. “It is probably one of the most emotional episodes we’ve had all season” – which is saying something, given all the recent drama surrounding Erica and also Sam’s sister. In fact, at the table read for Adelstein’s episode, “We had to pass around a box of tissues, and I’m not making that up,” Strickland stressed. “When you don’t see the script in advance, it can really kick you in the pants.” (Reminder: Amy Brenneman will be live-tweeting the East Coast broadcast of tonight’s episode via @TheAmyBrenneman.)

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House | As the show inches along toward its series finale, we’re continuing to acquire any scoopage we can about that very final episode. Already, TVLine told you that series creator David Shore will be writing the series-ender. We have now learned that helping him pen the milestone hour will be co-executive producer Eli Attie. For the casual viewer, know that Attie’s previous scripts include Season 5’s “The Last Resort” (in which House, Thirteen and others were held hostage by a patient), Season 6’s “Lockdown” (which segregated groupings of characters during a hospital security breach) and, most recently, the very emotional and Jesse Spencer-centric “Chase.” So I’d say the finale is in very good hands. Watch Ausiello and I discuss our wants for the House finale:

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