Gossip Girl First Look: Blair Shares Some Very Good News With Dan

Now that Serena has given Dan and Blair her blessing on Gossip Girl, it seems the only obstacle standing in their way (aside from Chuck, obviously) is the Princess’ marriage/dowry to Louis — or is that even an obstacle at all? In the following sneak peek from next Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), Blair offers a ray of hope to Humphrey.

Gossip Girl Matriarch on Saying Goodbye, a Surprise Return and Lily’s New Position

It’s Cyrus to the rescue when B’s lovable stepdad finds a loophole in her prenup!
“You wouldn’t have to wait a year for…” Dan trails off.
“Anything,” Blair finishes.
The pivotal episode will leave both Dair and Chair shippers with “a lot to discuss,” promises executive producer Josh Safran. Not to mention, “a lot of really big secrets are going to come out” about the denizens of the Upper East Side, adds co-producer Jake Coburn.
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