Hot General Hospital Promo: OLTL's John McBain and Todd Manning Are Both Gunning for Sonny!

It’s the clash of the ABC Daytime alpha males!

In one corner, you have General Hospital mob boss Sonny Corinthos; in the other, One Life to Live‘s relentless Todd Manning. And in yet another corner, there’s do-gooder lawman John McBain.

What exactly happens when all three formidable fellas come together in the same tiny, sudsy town? Based on the following crazy-fun new promo, all bets are off when some of Llanview’s elite relocate to Port Charles in a few weeks.

General Hospital Jilts One Life to Live’s ‘Jolie’ Fans

Also highlighted in this teaser video: the Scorpio clan is back in town (sob), Luke is in hot water (again) and Patrick is working feverishly to save Jason (who is still in the dark about the fate of his dear friend Robin).

But to quote our girl Blair Cramer (who for some reason is toasting our other girl Carly Jacks), “To never lookin’ back.”

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