Switched at Birth Preview: Bay and Emmett's Woes, Daphne's Feelings and Regina's New Love

The romances on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth (Tuesdays at 8/7c) are getting so complicated that you need a score card to keep track. Luckily, a score card is pretty much what TVLine got when it caught up with the cast at a recent panel for the show hosted by the Television Academy’s Diversity Committee.

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EMMETT/BAY | The adorable couple’s moment of bliss last week may be short-lived. “Usually, after couples say ‘I love you,’ it is beautiful, smooth sailing for a while,” previews Vanessa Marano. “For Bay and Emmett, not so much.” Adds Sean Berdy: “They’re going through ups and downs.” And, if you saw the promo for tonight’s episode, which featured Emmett yelling “Just don’t!” at Bay, then you know a big “down” is next. What could possibly prompt him to lash out that way? “He’s been going through a lot just identitywise and with his family,” explains Marano. “He comes from a broken home now. He’s definitely subconsciously taking a lot of that out on poor Bay, who’s sticking by him because she loves her man and she’s been there.”

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EMMETT/DAPHNE | Considering Daphne’s bold declaration last season that she’s not giving up her pal, her leg of the love triangle has been surprisingly quiet during the show’s winter run. What gives? She sees “how happy Emmett and Bay are together,” says her portrayer, Katie Leclerc. “She’s taken a backseat and been like, ‘Alright, let this ride out.’” Meanwhile, not having her best friend around as much has left Daphne “searching for her own place,” reasons Berdy. “She’s starting to push him aside.” But don’t count out the gal just yet. “I think she may have some feelings left for Emmett,” he adds. “The love triangle will always be there.”

DAPHNE/WILKE | The cute musician/athlete/troublemaker has provided a nice distraction for Daphne lately. “She’s sort of resigned to the fact that he’s so pretty to look at,” says Leclerc with a smile. “How could you resist? [Plus] they do have a lot of fun together, and they have a great connection.” While things between the two are “in a pretty good place” right now, Wilke “might have to step it up a bit,” the actress warns. “If he’s really serious about Daphne, he’s going to have to learn to communicate at her level,” says Leclerc — i.e., learn sign language. “She does all the work and [exerts] all the effort right now.”

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ADULT LOVE | Bay and Daphne’s mom, Regina, will also get in on the action this season! “I have never been pre-coital and post-coital as many times in my entire career as I have been on Switched at Birth,” exclaims Constance Marie. Regina will “have a lot of issues when it comes to relationships,” especially with a certain art gallery owner making a play for her. “There’s possibly a love triangle,” she teases. So does that mean her ex, Angelo, will be back in the picture soon? The actress wouldn’t confirm or deny it, but did reveal that the Season 1B finale “definitely deals with Regelo” (aka Regina/Angelo).