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Question: During a heated confrontation between Blake and Kalinda on The Good Wife last season, Blake revealed that he had contacted Kalinda’s husband. Since then, nothing has been said about it. I haven’t forgotten about that but have the Kings? —Margaret
Ausiello: Robert and Michelle intended to introduce Kalinda’s MIA other half this spring, but Archie Panjabi tells us those plans have been delayed. “I think that’s going to happen next season now,” she reveals. “Because it was difficult to cast somebody during pilot season. They’re definitely looking at a very interesting storyline for next season with Kalinda and her husband.” Her dream casting pick? “I just saw Jack Davenport, and I think he’d be really good,” she says of the Smash star. “But I know they’re looking at all sorts of options.”

Question: There is a nasty rumor that Quinn is going to bite the bullet on Glee. Confirm or deny? —Addy
Ausiello: Considering that there are already photos circulating of Quinn in a wheelchair, I think it’s safe to assume that she will survive last night’s horrific car accident. The question you should be asking is what impact the experience will have not only on her but on [SPOILER].

Question: Please tell me the infamous video doesn’t sink Dan and Blair before they even get out of the harbor on Gossip Girl. That would be a lot of buildup with very little payoff. Say Dair isn’t DOA. –Leif
Ausiello: Dair is not DOA. In fact, they’ll be going strong long enough to encounter a brand new obstacle, one that is unrelated to (and potentially much more problematic than) the video. Guesses?! Hit the comments!

Question: What’s coming up for Serena on Gossip Girl? Hopefully something other than pining over D-Bag Humphrey! —@SB_Besties via Twitter
Ausiello: There’s something big brewing for S this spring, but it’s more professional than personal (though the latter will be impacted by the former, and vice versa).

Question: I need a Body of Proof scoop. I’ll take anything, really. —Patricia
Ausiello: Bubble status be damned, producers are ending the season on a cliffhanger. “There will be blood,” reveals EP Matthew Gross, “and it will belong to one of our series regulars.” Crikey!

Question: Are we in for a typically heart-wrenching Grey’s Anatomy season finale? —Jessica
Ausiello: Please, I’m still trying to get to the bottom of Episode 18. Thanks to Patrick Dempsey’s Twitter feed, we know it features at least one four-legged creature. And now co-star Chandra Wilson is adding to the mystery by telling us it also involves… little humans! “Animals and children,” responds the actress when grilled about the episode’s “A” storyline. “That’s [all] I’ll tell you.”

Question: When are we getting our beloved Community back? – Ava
Ausiello: March 15! And Jim Rash confirms that a new castmember has come on board during the hiatus. His stage name may ring a bell or two: The Grim Reaper. “One of our key characters won’t make it to the end of the season,” he tells TVLine. “We lose one of our own.”

Question: When will Community come back? —Latifah
Ausiello: March 15! And I’m celebrating the only way I know how — by slinging scoop: One of this season’s final episodes will pay homage to Ocean’s 11 when the Greendale gang gets entangled in the heist to end all heists. Naturally, Chang is at the center of the operation, which I’m told boasts some of Community‘s most lavish costumes to date. (And for this show, that’s saying something.)

Question: I thought it was interesting/exciting that NCIS‘ Gibbs thought Abby and McGee would be together in sideways-Gibbs world. Any chance they are teasing something to come? —Emily
Ausiello: Good news — I got an answer for you directly from showrunner Gary Glasberg. Bad news — he stonewalled! “It’s impossible to say if the ‘what if’ moments were actually foreshadowing things to come,” he tells me. “We will just have to wait and see how things evolve over the next 200 episodes. It is fun to think about it, though. Isn’t it?” (Reading between the lines, I think the answer to your question Emily is no.)

Question: I’m in pre-cancellation mourning for Fringe, so please cheer me up by letting me know if we’ll get to see Agent Charlie Francis one more time before the end. With Prime Suspect dead and buried, surely Kirk Acevedo has a bit of time to spare. —Anthony
Ausiello: A Fringe source tells me it’s a distinct possibility we’ll see Charlie again, but there’s nothing on the books at the moment. And don’t administer last rites to the show just yet. Despite those apocalyptic Nielsens, Fringe very much remains in the hunt for another season. One scenario allegedly being bandied about has it returning for a final 15-episode run. If that happens I will be an extremely happy person.

Question: Any scoop on the final two episodes of Parenthood? —Isaac
Ausiello: The final two episodes this season. Not forever. An important distinction. Here’s your scoop: A couple will have sex for the first time.

Question: No new Revenge this week makes me angry. How about some scoop before I take a red marker to your face. — Eric @pinsleric via Twitter
Ausiello: Further proof that God not only exists but is a good person, an ABC rep tells me there’s absolutely no truth to that (really random) rumor that Audrina Patridge is joining the cast later this season. Phew.

Question: Rumor has it 90210 will end the season with a wedding. Any truth? —Dawn
Ausiello: Can’t confirm a wedding. Can confirm an engagement.

Question: Pretty please, can I get some scoop on my favorite new show, Grimm? —Sue
Ausiello: In the March 2 episode, you’ll learn more about Nick’s parents’ “accident” when someone who was close to Aunt Marie surfaces and reveals who was behind their murder.

Question: Anything about Charlotte and Cooper from Private Practice? —Elif
Ausiello: Though she has put up a relatively good front and exhibited solidarity thus far, Charlotte this week will clash with Coop over his reluctance to enlist outside caregiving for Erica. As KaDee Strickland previews, “Charlotte’s point of view about this whole circumstance is, ‘I’m watching the person I love get completely consumed by something and not be able to show up for anyone [else]’ — and that’s an interesting position for me to be in. I’m doing the best I can to be supportive, yet the impulse within Charlotte King to just drop the hammer is always a gnat’s eyelash away!”

Question: I’ve been a fan of Blue Bloods for a while now and have noticed a significant lack of the Jamie character. It seems he only shows up for the family dinners in the recent episodes. Any idea what’s going on? —Laura
Ausiello: Don’t worry. Jamie’s undercover assignment with the Sanfino family will play a big part during the remainder of the season, so rest assured you’ll be getting plenty of face time with the youngest Reagan.

Question: Just saw the new promo for Switched at Birth and was wondering if you had any spoilers. —Heather
Ausiello: There may be trouble in paradise for the show’s happily married parental unit, John and Kathryn. “My wife is having a little flirtation with our new lawyer [played by Mad Men‘s Sam Page], and I’m going, ‘What’s that about?'” teases Bay and Daphne’s onscreen pop, D.W. Moffett. But he’ll have bigger things to worry about when the aforementioned attorney digs up some new information “that’s going to be very earth-shattering in terms of what the [lawsuit against the hospital is] about,” he previews. “We’ve always thought it was Angelo. … but there’s another piece of information that’s going to get leaked that is completely different.”

Question: When will you launch your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Cinders
Ausiello: Soon. And not to worry you, but this year’s cheat sheet is shaping up to be the bloodiest, deadliest yet.

Question: Any Desperate Housewives scoop about Lynette and Tom? Fans are getting sick of this separation; it’s gone on far too long! —Rachel
Ausiello: We cornered DH boss Marc Cherry at Sunday’s WGA Awards and gently grilled him about a possible T/L reunion. “We’ve got some interesting twists and turns [ahead],” he said, “and what I hope will be an amazing and fascinating end to their relationship.” Cherry went on to all but confirm that Brenda Strong the woman and not just the voice will be featured in the swan song, saying, “I would say that the odds of seeing [Mary Alice] on screen in the season finale are very high.”

Question: Anything on Happy Endings? —Drake
Ausiello: In the March 7 episode, Alex and Jane use their special Serbian mind-erase abilities to convince Dave that the kiss he shared with Alex never actually happened. They refer to this special power as The Kerkovich Way and claim it was passed down to them from their ancestors. And to prove it, I hear the show is planning to flash back — way back — to 1915 Serbia and the early days of Kerkovich dynasty. Oh, Happy Endings, how I love you so.

Question: Any scoop on these crazy pics from the set of Bones that exec producer Stephen Nathan has been posting to Twitter? —Iza
Ausiello: “Imagine Michael Bay’s take on Bones,” Nathan tells me of those images from Episode 12, which finds Booth and Brennan travelling to Hollywood to observe production of the film version of her latest book. “Hollywood might have [taken some creative liberties] with the material.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Megan Masters)

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