NCIS First Look: Jamie Lee Curtis Confronts [Spoiler] About His 'Inadequacies'

Jamie Lee Curtis’ NCIS arc as the “head brain-gamer” — aka Dr. Samantha Ryan of the PsyOps Division — looks to be a most entertaining one, based on this clip from Tuesday’s episode of the CBS drama.
Upon arriving at the squad room, the good doc is the target of mistaken identity, which promptly leads into her offering her deft analysis of one of the agents.
Ultimately, the true nature of Samantha’s presence at NCIS is revealed — as is her preexisting connection with one of the very familiar faces.
JLC’s two-episode NCIS visit kicks off this week, then wraps up March 20. (Check out my latest Inside Line for more about her and Mark Harmon’s Freaky reunion and Gibbs’ bond with Dr. Ryan.)

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