How I Met Your Mother Recap: So Many Feelings

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

“Robin again?!”

Those were Lily’s words — and probably a lot of viewers’ — during Monday’s How I Met Your Mother after Ted confessed to his ex-turned-roommate — in the same rooftop spot they first kissed — that he still loved her. While Robin didn’t immediately return the sentiment, she did eventually make her way to his bedroom to kiss him back. But before they could talk about what it all meant, a work trip to Russia pulled her away. She gave him a quick peck and promised to pick up where they left off when she returned.

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In the meantime, Ted turned to Lily and Marshall to help sort out his feelings. Their advice, however, was colored by an old bet that Lily wagered against Marshall that Ted and Robin wouldn’t end up together. And while it made sense that Lily would be the realist to Marshall’s romantic, Ted saw it as “trying to sabotage” his chances at future happiness though.

“Yes, it’s five years later, and you haven’t settled down with anybody else,” Lily argued. “But you haven’t settled down with Robin either. There must be a reason for that. What’s standing in the way?”

And then it hit Ted: Barney, the third point of that incestuous love triangle/friendship that Victoria had warned Ted about, was that reason. He and Robin hadn’t gotten back together because she was in love with Barney. But in a twist, Barney had almost no reaction, except for “Bummer,” when Ted informed him that Robin and Kevin had broken up. He then proceeded to give Ted his blessing to rekindle things with his ex. “If you make her happy, then that makes me happy,” he said.

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But all this sharing of feelings was moot because we still didn’t know where Robin stood. After picking her up from the airport and having dinner at the blue French horn restaurant, Ted finally asked Robin if she loves him, to which she simply replied, “No.”

Still, Ted was happy because now he could finally close the door on that hope and move on. (Robin’s decision to move out of Ted’s apartment suggested that their relationship had indeed reached a turning point.) And as future Ted told us at the beginning of the episode, the next woman to whom he says, “I love you,” will be the mother (outside of a theater playing The Wedding Bride II!). So either Ted has a lot of casual relationships coming up or the mother is near.

HIMYM fans, do you think this journey back to Robin/Ted was necessary for Ted to move forward? Were you disappointed Barney didn’t have more of a reaction to Robin’s break-up? And did Marshall’s unwillingness to pay up on the bet make you uneasy?

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