Castle Bombshell Coming! How Will Kate React?

As if Castle‘s Detective Beckett hasn’t already had a bad day, having seen a key witness shot dead right in front of her as she and her team race to prevent a national crisis, on a personal level she’s about to get an eye-opening earful.
In this video sneak peek of tonight’s episode, CIA agent Sophia Turner calls Rick and Kate on the carpet for letting the aforementioned witness die on their watch after going a bit rogue. But after undressing the duo on a professional level, Turner takes a dig at Rick with a pointed allusion to their years-ago working “relationship” — and the slip does not go unnoticed by Beckett.
Watch the clip here, then share your theory on how exactly Kate will eventually react. Remember, Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe hinted to me that Kate’s secret will soon emerge, that she remembers Rick saying “I love you” after she got shot. Do you think she will drop that bombshell of her own when railing against her partner in crimesolving/potentially more? Something à la “So tell me, Rick, did you love her, too?”