Little Liars' Ian Harding Gives Juicy 'Ezria' Update, Says 'A' Reveal Isn't the Finale's Biggest Shocker

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars (Mondays, 8/7c) is nearing the end of its nutso second season, which means one thing: anxiety among the “Ezria” ‘shippers.

The taboo twosome has really been through the wringer this year, what with Ezra’s psycho ex, Aria’s disapproving parents and ‘A’s constant meddling. But star Ian Harding tells TVLine that while things will never be easy for the lovebirds, there are some developments ahead that find their relationship “solidified.” (Place your guesses as to what exactly that means in the comments below!)

TVLINE | It seems the Aria and Ezra fans can never breathe easy. Any words of encouragement about the star-crossed couple as we approach the end of the season?
There’s some really juicy stuff that happens, especially in the last two episodes — so much that I almost don’t even want to talk about it because it’s just so good. But Aria and Ezra are always in question. There will never be a moment — not until maybe the series is done for good — where they can relax, but I will say things get a little more solidified in where they stand together, as a couple.

TVLINE | Will Aria’s childhood friend Holden become an issue for the two? The friendship seems pretty mutual now, but you never know.
I wouldn’t put it past the writers to maybe do some switching it up. Anybody is a possibility. [Laughs] From a story perspective, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Holden, but as of right now it feels pretty platonic between the two. But you’re right, never say never in Rosewood.

TVLINE | How does Ezra’s out-of-town job offer pan out?
Ezra is such a brainiac, and even though he’s absolutely in love with Aria, he really is mulling this over. Even though the offer came out of a bad place — as in it was set up for him not because of his actual abilities but so Byron could get him out of Rosewood — he still wants it because it’s a really good job. It will move his career eight years ahead of schedule. Of course, this puts Aria off a little bit because she thinks it’s a no-brainer to turn it down, but Ezra is a little like, “Well….” So, problems will arise.

TVLINE | Ezra almost had a run-in with Byron last week. Will the two interact or have a showdown before the season’s end?
Oh, yeah. There are going to be some “words.” [Laughs] There is going to be a very, um, tense discussion between the two of them, and some choice words will be said.

TVLINE | How is that conversation initiated given how carefully the two have recently been avoiding each other?
Most of the time adults try to put on a good face in an uncomfortable situation… but Byron is kinda maybe checking in [on Ezra] and thinks it’s going to be more of the same. Then something happens and there’s a switch, so one of us decides to no longer keep up the façade.

TVLINE | Finally, what can you say about the impending “A” reveal? What was your initial reaction upon learning who has been behind all of this?
I was actually kind of shocked when we found out who this person/people/thing was, because I think the writers have done a good job making it seem like anyone can be “A.” People will be pleasantly surprised, but that’s not even the biggest part of the episode — which really says something. There must be something huge in this finale if revealing who “A” is isn’t the biggest shocker. So, that’s what I will say about that. [Laughs]