Exclusive Fringe Sneak Peek: How Far Will [Spoiler] Go to Save [Spoiler]?

[The following contains spoilers from last night’s Fringe.]
No thanks for the memories…?
On this week’s episode of Fox’s Fringe, coming off of that sudden smooch over vino and aromatic Damiano’s take-out, Olivia went on to reveal to Peter that she “remembered” everything, from the John Scott case that led her to Walter (and thus Peter) to Peter entering The Machine, and everything in between.

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Peter, though — ever the ethical soldier (and one with stupendous willpower, damn, boy!) — did his best to keep “his” Olivia at arm’s length. But at the close of the hour he succumbed to the “reunion” and embraced her full. And then….
Olivia’s bladder came calling. And no sooner had she ducked into the filling station loo than she disappeared — and later resurfaced captive in a dank room, in the company of (drumroll) the real Nina, confirming that the MD boss lady who tried to pass faux Cortexiphan off on Walter is either one of DRJ’s shapeshifters (or an evil alt-Nina).
How will Peter find Olivia? This exclusive look at an extended promo for next Friday’s Fringe teases the heck out of what’s to come.