Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Who Should Make the Final 3?

Thanks to a long and winding American Idol episode last night, I’m a little late to my Project Runway recapping party, so I’ll keep this to three very important thoughts:

1 | Mondo’s wild, patterned Anya-esque dress — and especially that fringe-and-gold trimmed smoking jacket (pictured, right and even bigger at the end of this recap) — was the best look we’ve seen the entire All-Stars season. That outfit was so hot, in fact, I even bought the Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter hairdo. If Mondo and Michael aren’t in the finale, I will personally lead the march to Lifetime HQ to wrestle back control of the Runway franchise and drag it back to Bravo. Who’s with me?

2 | I know I haven’t exactly been an Austin fan this go-around, but seriously, how in the heck did that bulky, Marie-Antoinette-With-a-Gut-Full-of-Thanksgiving-Turkey catastrophe (pictured, left) end up in the Top 2 over Michael’s flirty chartreuse confection and Kenley’s kicky print explosion (with extraordinarily chic jacket)?

3 | Mila’s skirt — possibly made with a discarded gift bag and a pair of pinking shears — was tragic indeed, but the judges did the right thing by finally sending Kara home. I mean, with only seven designers left, some attention must be paid to “Who has a chance at the finale?” Plus, the silver bow and wonky slit on Kara’s skirt was a double-whammy of fug.

What did you think of this week’s All-Stars? And based on their work to date, which three contestants would you send to the finale? (I’d go with Mondo, Michael, and Mila.) Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments. And for all my reality TV recaps, do follow me on Twitter!