NBC's Awake: Watch the Premiere Here and Now!

NBC’s second big premiere for midseason, the riveting drama Awake, makes its broadcast premiere on Thursday, March 1 at 10/9c — but for those who’ve been itching to check out the well-reviewed newbie, you can open your eyes here and now and check out the entire first episode online.

NBC Schedule Scoop: The Firm Out, Awake In on Thursdays

Created by Kyle Killen (Lone Star), Awake stars Jason Isaacs (Brotherhood) as Michael Britten, a homicide detective who in the wake of a tragic car crashes toggles between two realities — one in which his wife (Terriers‘ Laura Allen) perished, and another where it was his son (Lost’s Dylan Minnette) who died. Similarly, his detective partners (The Practice‘s Steve Harris vs.That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama) differ from reality to reality, yet the cases they work share some eerily similar aspects.
Framing Michael’s surreal journey are therapy sessions with distinct shrinks, played by Cherry Jones (24) and B.D. Wong (Law & Order: SVU). They each labor to explain that there is no way both realities can in fact be real, yet Michael begs to differ.

Casting News: Alias Favorite to Haunt NBC’s Awake

My First Impression of Awake will post within the coming week, after I delve into Episodes 2-4 (having already re-rewatched the pilot). In the meantime, check out the premiere here and tell us what you think.