Vampire Diaries Boss Previews Cassidy Freeman's 'Ballsy' Role, Plus 3 More Scooplets!

Smallville stunner Cassidy Freeman will soon make her Vampire Diaries debut, but very little is known about Mystic Falls’ latest import… until now.

Executive producer Julie Plec recently revealed some key details about Freeman’s mysterious vamp Sage, whom she describes as “ballsy, and sexy, and dynamic and fun.”

“Cassidy’s character is a vampire we’ll meet in our 16th episode, titled ‘1912’,” Plec teases. “It’s timed about 100 years ago, when Damon was still… the Damon that walked out the door in a huff of disappointment and piousness when his brother [Stefan] was out of control in 1864.”

Adds the EP, “Somewhere between 1864 and [The Vampire Diaries] pilot, Damon became the Damon that we know and love, and this episode gives us a little glimpse into that — and what Cassidy’s Sage had to do with it.”

And not unlike those beloved Originals, Sage will be featured in both present day and flashback scenes.

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Here are three more scooplets from the remainder of Season 3:

• Plec says that unlike most Vampire guest stars (who have an end date from the get-go), Torrey DeVitto’s Meredith is sticking around for the foreseeable future. “With Meredith, [the story] has been ever-evolving,” she muses. “It’s possible [the character could become a permanent fixture] — or she could die a horrific, violent and tragic death.”

• Alaric’s life-saving “eternity ring can’t be relied upon much longer,” Plec shares. “There’s definitely a sense of the clock ticking on the effectiveness of the ring, and that’s going to be a big concern for [Elena] who really only has two very important people left in her life: Alaric and Jeremy.”

• How long until the identity of the at-large Mystic Falls Murderer is unveiled — that is if it’s not Meredith, as the end of tonight’s episode seemed to imply? “The next wave of story we have to get through is seeing the outcome of the Original mother’s plan to kill her babies,” Plec offers, “but as we move forward into that we are also going to dovetail very nicely about who is behind [the murders].”