GH's Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough: Robin's Exit Will 'Enormously Impact' Everyone

General Hospital‘s latest reunion between Robin and her mother, Anna Devane, may be shiny-happy at this early stage, but the big drama that sets in motion Kimberly McCullough’s exit storyline is right around the corner.

“It’s coming quick, in the next couple of days,” McCullough tells TVLine. Adds Finola Hughes, when I asked when we’ll get into the “meat-and-potatoes” of it all: “We’re on hors d’oeuvres right now, and then we’ll move onto the second course.”

This much is known going into the coming weeks, during which Hughes will be joined on the canvas by Tristan Rogers (as Robin’s father, Robert Scorpio) and Rick Springfield (reprising his role of Patrick Drake’s doctor dad, Noah): Robin’s latest HIV protocol “is working, and she’s fine now.” But it’s a major event that’s about to hit Port Charles hard, TVLine hears, that will begin pointing Dr. Scorpio-Drake toward the exit door.

Whether fans of Robin and/or her romance with Patrick will be socked with bad news “depends on how you look at,” McCullough says. “I am leaving the show, so it’s just a matter of how does that all go down. How does that affect the other characters, what does that mean for Anna now that she’s back, and what does it mean for Patrick?”

“Clearly,” Hughes interrupts, “whatever Robin [goes through] is going to enormously impact the people left in Port Charles. It’s such an integral character to the show, it’d be impossible to figure out the ‘right’ way to help Kimberly go off and make films…. But I think that in the hands of the new [executive] producer and headwriter, Frank [Valentini] and Ron [Carlivati], hopefully we’ll be serving up something that people will tune into.”

McCullough for one has the utmost faith in the lone ABC sudser’s creative team to pull this off. “Even though they’re ‘new,’ they both have a respect for the history of the show,” she explains. “I mean, they came on and immediately Finola’s back, Tristan’s back, Rick, Emma Samms [as Holly]… You can tell that they’re fans of General Hospital in its entirety, not just what’s going on right now.”

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That said, McCullough turns to Hughes to playfully note that her TV mom has her to personally thank for this latest encore. “I asked [the Powers That Be] a long time ago, actually, because I kind of knew this was coming for about a year,” she reveals. “[I texted Finola] ‘Are you available?’ because I wanted to pitch a story she’d be involved in.”

Hughes, of course, was all in, rejoining the show in a way that will help usher off the character she helped introduce some 26 years ago. “I’ve never really been on this show without Kimberly,” Hughes reflects. As such, “[Having Anna here] is a very important part of the storytelling.”

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Curiously, when I asked McCullough if this send-off will find her doing her heaviest dramatic lifting since, say, the Stone’s Death storyline, she rebuffed with a quick no. “Everyone else does the heavy lifting,” she offered. “I’m personally doing the heavy lifting, but not as Robin. That might not make sense, but it will when you see it!”

Rewatch Anna’s surprise return, then share your latest theory on what’s coming up:

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