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Question: Any idea what the status is of Jonathan Groff’s previously announced return to Glee as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline? Is it still happening? —Ian
Ausiello: Sounds like it. As you know, Groff just inked a deal to join the Season 2 cast of Boss as a series regular. But a McKinley High insider tells me that Lea Michele’s real-life BFF is still set to appear in two episodes of Glee later this season.

Question: Any scoop on the photo Patrick Dempsey snapped of a lion on the Grey’s Anatomy set earlier today? —Scott
Ausiello: It’s for Katherine Heigl’s big comeback episode. A lion gets hit by a car and Izzie and her magic animal shock paddles are called back into service to save its life. I kid, I kid. Not sure what the story is behind Dempsey’s four-legged co-star, except to say that the episode in question (No. 818) is called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight. ”

Question: What are you hearing about the new season of Army Wives? I’m desperately missing our favorite tribe. Any scoop? Maybe a start date? —Jill
Ausiello: Season 5 launches on Sunday, March 4, and the opener features the following: a retirement, an intervention, a hurricane, a car accident, a finalized adoption and an explosion. (And that’s still not enough to get me to watch.)

Question: Desperate Housewives has completely sucked me back in this season! Can you give us a hint as to which character dies? Man or woman? —Ashley
Ausiello: No comment on the death. I can, however, comment on rumors that there’s a surprise wedding on the horizon: One half of the betrothed duo is Bree’s gay son Andrew (the returning Shawn Pyfrom), and the other half is a (gulp) *****. Of course, this being Andrew, there’s much more to the story (hint: a similarish plot is currently playing out on Gossip Girl.)

Question: Any fresh Ringer intel on what role Misha Collins’ mystery man, Dylan, played in Bridget and Siobhan’s estrangement? I have my theories. —Jacob
Ausiello: Rumor has it something went down years ago between Dylan, Bridget and the Grim Reaper that drove an irrevocable wedge between the twins. Was that one of your theories, Jacob? Answer me, dammit!

Question: Got any scoop for CSI Miami? I’ll take whatever you can give me. —Mayra
Ausiello: Towards the very end of the season, Calleigh and Delko will not only start working cases together again (sorry, Walter!), they might inch closer to firming up another kind of partnership as well. “I like to think of us as the Downton Abbey of primetime television — like, ‘Will they or won’t they?'” series vet Emily Procter told TVLine during a set visit. “So yeah, we’re kind of smushing back together.” As for whether viewers will cheer on this development, Adam Rodriguez for one is hopeful. “We’ve been toying with it for so long that I can understand why some people might feel like they don’t want to be teased anymore,” he says, “but I’m excited about it.”

Question: I need a Season 2 Homeland scoop. —Carter
Ausiello: Morena Baccarin, who makes her second appearance on The Mentalist this Thursday, confirms that there will be “a bit of a time lapse” between seasons, adding, “I’ve heard that Brody’s in office to some extent. But I haven’t heard much more than that. I’m dying to get a script.” That makes two of us.

Question: Any spoilers on Revenge? —Paige
Ausiello: Someone will begin to dabble in drugs after becoming collateral damage in Emily’s quest of vengeance. And rumor has it this week’s episode more than lives up to the hype. (And, holy hell, there has been a lot of hype.) Bonus scoop: Grandpa Grayson (William Devane) proves that he can play dirty with the best of them (aka Victoria and Emily), particularly when it concerns keeping the Grayson name intact.

Question: Any scoop on those 90210 rumors regarding Silver having a bun in her oven? —Jarrod
Ausiello: Let’s just say pregnancy and having babies will play a big part in Silver’s story line towards the end of the season.

Question: I am dying for spoilers on The Killing, especially about Holder! —Claudia
Ausiello: Next season, Linden won’t be the only woman to whom your favorite cop answers: The show is bringing on his sister, Liz, who, for all intents and purposes, sounds a lot like a younger Mitch.

Question: Now that they shared that amazing kiss, where’s Dan and Blair’s Gossip Girl story going ? —Ivana
Ausiello: If the previews for next week’s episode weren’t clear enough, allow me to spell it out for you: D-A-I-R I-S O-N. Beyond that, all I can say is if Chuck is looking for a way to hit Dan where it hurts, he’s currently bedding the right woman.

Question: Any more clues (or maybe a complete reveal) about that December 26 blind item? —Chris
Ausiello: You’ll have your answer in the next two months.

Question: When will see Jeremy again on The Vampire Diaries? This inquiring mind would like to know. —Nic
Ausiello: “We will see Jeremy before the season’s over,” replies exec producer Julie Plec. “That’s about all I can say on that.” And in case anyone is looking for an updated ETA on Katherine, Plec says, “Homegirl is MIA. She’s smarter than to get herself caught up in all of this mess.” Yes, Julie Plec just referred to Elena’s ancient vampire doppelganger as a Homegirl. And yes, I love her for that.

Question: Good Wife? Anything?—Charlie
Ausiello: Just these three words: Diane. Love. Triangle.

Question: I love Downton Abbey so much. Any scoop on this Sunday’s Season 2 finale? —Nicolas
Ausiello: There’s a pregnancy, a breakup, a proposal, a séance, a death and a poignant scene between Mary and her dad that will reinforce everything you love about this show.

Question: Is Oliver Platt’s Paul coming back to The Big C for Season 3 after his heart attack at the end of Season 2? —Gary
Ausiello: He’ll be back and he stands to make a boatload of cash. Allison Janney has signed on to guest star as an ultra-successful Hollywood producer who wants to purchase Cathy and Paul’s life rights and turn it into a movie.

Question: Anything on The Walking Dead please! —Chrissy
Ausiello: I’ve got bad news for Lori: The zombie that had that unfortunate run-in with her truck still has the use of his legs. And he’s hungry. And he has friends. And… that’s all. He’s hungry and has friends.

Question: Does NCIS have any plans for an episode with Ziva and Abby working together on a case? Maybe going undercover? —Marla
Ausiello: As of right this instant, no — but series boss Gary Glasberg is champing at the bit for when the right opportunity presents itself. “We talk about that, about bringing them together more often,” he said when we ran your question by him. “[Pauley Perrette and Cote de Pablo] love to work together, and if we can come up with a storyline that services that, I’d do it in a heartbeat!”

Question: Even though I do feel that ending House was the right idea, I’m still a little heartbroken that the man who inspired me to go into medicine will no longer be solving new cases every week. Is there any good scoop for the final season? —Rebecca
Ausiello: in Monday’s episode, House and his Russian bride Dominika have to prove to Immigration that they’re a real married couple — a test that carries with it super high stakes. If they get caught lying, she gets deported and he gets sent back to jail for violating his parole. And if they pass? She stays put and he earns some extra spending money.

Question: Do you have anything more on NCIS: LA and the big Kensi storyline? —Rod
Ausiello: How about this — the two-parter, launching next week, won’t only reveal Kensi’s secrets. “At one point, for a period of time, Granger (played by Miguel Ferrer) and Hetty were partners on a task force together. So there is very much past history between those two,” says showrunner Shane Brennan. And as viewers will see over the next two Tuesdays, “If you think you know why Granger is in Los Angeles, you’re wrong. He’s in town for a very specific reason, and it plays out through sweeps.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Megan Masters)

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