NCIS' Michael Weatherly on Meeting Tony's Ex ('There's a Face-Off!') and the 'Kid in Baltimore'

The ex – as in Tony onetime fiancée, Wendy – marks the spot this Tuesday on NCIS (CBS, 8/7c), with Entourage‘s Perrey Reeves playing the very important woman from Agent DiNozzo’s past.

“It’s interesting — she jumped from [Jeremy] Piven to [me],” Michael Weatherly says of his new scene partner. “God knows what she thinks of that transition.”

Though previously referred to on the show as a music teacher, “Wendy, in a classic His Girl Friday set-up, is now an investigative journalist who is tied up in some investigation into some Navy ‘cat,'” Weatherly shared during a visit to TVLine’s Times Square offices.

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Of course, getting this unexpected blast from the past rouses Tony’s suspicion somewhat, especially as far as her agenda is concerned. “Tony thinks that she’s just using the case” – about a Navy captain found dead with a “superhero” costume on beneath his clothes – “as a lever to get back into his world,” says Weatherly. “But then, because he’s always a little behind the 8-ball, he comes to understand that she’s actually using him to get information about the case.”

Along the way, Weatherly says that, yes, Ziva will size up Tony’s old flame, only to like what she sees. “There is a face-off, yeah, although they seem to like each other,” he reports. And off-screen, as well. “Perrey and Cote [de Pablo] immediately got on like a house on fire, hugging each other all the time…,” he says. “The crew loved that.”
But will there be hugs (and maybe more…) between Tony and his former intended? Though DiNozzo deduces that Wendy has an agenda with her visit, “It turns out that maybe she is here to see him” for personal reasons, Weatherly teases. “It’s this whole big triple-blind…. You know NCIS, you can never pin it town. It’s a ‘mercurial’ thing.”

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Speaking of the top drama’s mysterious ways, I asked Weatherly about what show boss Gary Glasberg recently revealed to TVLine — that the “kid in Baltimore” mentioned in passing previously on the show will be revisited and thus revealed.

“I just want to be clear – by ‘kid,’ we’re not talking about a baby goat,” he started. “He did not own a baby goat. No, evidently there’s a human child in Baltimore that Tony had some history with, and who is now not a child and Tony is going to be interacting with him.

“I’m looking forward to that,” Weatherly says of that next dip into Tony’s Baltimore backstory. “Gary Glasberg has a lot of creative juices floating around in that noggin of his.”

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