Gossip Girl Recap: A Dairing Valentine's Day

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from this Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl.]

Did Blair snap out of her Dan denial on last night’s Gossip Girl?

Upon returning from her fake honeymoon, the newly married princess decided to play cupid for Serena and Dan to bring happiness to her friends. Or perhaps to fill the void in her own loveless marriage. Whatever the reason, scheming Blair was back, and she had roped Dorota into her matchmaking plot. But rather than bring S and Lonely Boy together, she unknowingly set herself up for a major kiss.

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“Look at everything we’ve been through together,” she told Dan to convince him of his worthiness – for Serena, of course. “You kept it a secret when I found out I was pregnant. You shielded me from the world so I could deal with my paternity test. And you brought me to a priest in my darkest hour. You wrote Louis’ vows for him, and then you saved me from my own wedding.

“So if you’re that guy with Serena,” she continued, “how could she not love you?”

But was she really talking about her friend? Although executive producer Josh Safran told TVLine that “the question of whether or not [Blair is] in denial” about Dan’s feelings for her would be answered, maybe it’s her own feelings for Humphrey that she’s refusing to confront.

That was all but confirmed when Blair asked Dan to tell her what would make him happy, and he finally went in for the kiss — only this time, she most definitely kissed him back. But since there’s still that pesky dowry problem to deal with, not to mention a little complication named Serena — who witnessed the private moment along with Georgina – Blair put any thoughts of romance out of her head.

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“I’m sorry I gave you the wrong impression,” she told Dan before driving off.

Georgina was still claiming victory, however. Dan and Blair are well on their way to having a full-fledged romance, she reasoned, which means they’ll end up doing all of Gossip Girl’s dirty work for her. Meanwhile, S and B are on the outs once again, and Chuck — having seen the photo of Dair’s smooch — numbed his pain by shagging Dan’s book agent. And there’s also that ticking time bomb reveal that Dan sent in that video of Blair’s wedding day confession of love to Chuck.

Gossip Girl fans, what did you think of this week’s episode? Is Blair finally waking up or more confused than ever? Do you think she and Dan will be able to stay away from each other? (The CW’s promo for next week’s episode seemed to scream, “No way!”)

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