Cougar Town Season 3 Preview: Romantic Entanglements, Bizarro Laurie and a Helmet Head

Cougar Town‘s Cul-de-Sac Crew finally returns tonight (ABC, 8:30/7:30c) after a torturous nine-month break with a romantic episode that serves as the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail. TVLine caught up with the cast and creators of the ridiculously underrated comedy to find out what Season 3 holds in store for our favorite booze hounds, er, wine connoisseurs.

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HERE COMES THE BRIDE |Grayson puts a ring on Jules’ finger in tonight’s opener, and co-creator and executive producer Kevin Biegel confirms that the two will get hitched by season’s end. “They’re adults. Let them get married,” he told TVLine at a Paley Center for Media event for C-Town last Wednesday. “They have their problems along the way, but at the end of the day, they love each other.” However, the road to the chapel will be a bumpy one…

BABY MAMA | Jules and Grayson’s first pre-wedding day obstacle will come in the form of a woman that he unknowingly got pregnant years ago. When baby mama (Briga Heelan) and baby show up on his doorstep, Jules finds herself caught in the middle. “That’s hard for someone in a relationship to let slide, to realize your significant other is a parent and didn’t know it,” reasons Josh Hopkins. Plus, the gal is “a reminder of his club days,” adds Courteney Cox. “How is she ever going to accept her as a friend?” And making matters more complicated for Jules, the new girl bears a striking resemblance to a certain Jellybean in her life. “You know [how] there’s Superman and there’s Bizarro Superman where one’s like a horrible version of Superman?” muses Biegel. “Imagine Bizarro Laurie showing up on the show.”

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BOBBY FINDS LOVE | After seeing his ex-wife and his buddy get engaged, Bobby will take stock of his own romantic life. “He sees their relationship and what a relationship can be and what [it] is supposed to be,” says Brian Van Holt. The eternally chill bachelor will realize that “he does want…some companionship.” Enter Scrubs alum Sarah Chalke as Travis’ professor and the lucky lady who becomes the object of Bobby’s affection. “It’s infatuation at first sight,” he previews. But it’ll take some work – and a lot of help from the entire gang – to win her over. “[She’s] taken with him for a second, and then not so taken with him.”

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HEAD CASE | Remember Travis’ long, floppy hairstyle in Season 2? The show’s creator Bill Lawrence found a way “to teach me a lesson to not have funky haircuts in the future,” says Dan Byrd. In an early episode, Travis gets “a skull fracture from being towed by a dog on a skateboard” and ends up in a helmet – for eight episodes! “You think it’s going to go away with each episode, but it doesn’t,” says Byrd with a smile. “It just comes back.”

WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY | Travis and Laurie’s slightly inappropriate, but undeniably simmering chemistry will come to a boil. “There’s a big, big step in the finale this year,” teases Lawrence. Although he admits the writers haven’t figured out the relationship entirely, they’ve taken a step towards making the age difference OK. “They left us off [the air] for nine months, so we just made [Travis] 21 at the end of the year,” he reveals. Meanwhile, Laurie gets a long-distance boyfriend, who Travis finds himself “competing [against] for Laurie’s affection,” teases Byrd.