Idology: Hollywood Week Drama! The Best, the Worst and the Dangers of Randy Jackson

Warning: Extended exposure to the sound of Randy Jackson’s voice may cause nausea, headaches, and complete physical collapse. Lucky for you, then, that this week’s installment of Idology keeps the Dawg’s sound bites to a minimum, and focuses more on the best and worst contestants of Season 11’s Hollywood Week.
Season 6’s sublime Melinda Doolittle and I also discuss the show’s handling of “Falling Girl” Symone Black, the near total absence of musical performances during the initial “Group Rounds” episode, and the infuriating use of subtitles by Uncle Nigel & Co.
So press play below for an Idology that combines Downton Abbey‘s Dowager Countess, the magic of NBC’s Community, and Haley Freakin’ Reinhart. Then hit the comments and post your own thoughts on the week in Idol.

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