Should Ivy Lynn Smash Karen? Which TV Doll Is Creepiest? Is Dan a Gossip? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including Smash, The Voice, Gossip Girl, Ringer and Revenge!

1 | How, how, how does Fringe‘s Jasika Nicole pull off the Simultaneous Teardrop Down Each Cheek trick?

2 | Which timeline do Blue Bloods‘ Reagans live in that the Jets were still playing? (Or perhaps they were getting oddly excited for an airing of West Side Story?)

3 | Can the ad community agree to not sneak-leak any Super Bowl commercials next year? What happened to the mega-ultra-top-secrecy they used to be shrouded in? And why doesn’t Cindy Crawford shill soda pop at rural cafes anymore?

| Submitted by TVLine reader Corrine: “Are we really supposed to believe that it was Dan who sent the video to Gossip Girl? After how selfless he’s been all season, he, what, decided to do something so selfish just so he could save Blair? And when did he even have the opportunity to do it?” Speaking of Humphrey: Do you think Penn Badgley is now keeping his hair long for Gossip Girl – and no longer just for that Jeff Buckley movie – because it’ll be a big plot point when Dan cuts it? Like when Joey shaved Pacey’s beard on Dawson’s Creek?

5 | Were you as upset as we were that Christina Aguilera didn’t remember her old Mickey Mouse Club pal (and Malibu Shores star!) Tony Lucca on The Voice? We bet Ryan Gosling remembers him.

6 | Was Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria trying to send out a beacon to “A” with those brightly colored neon shoes?

7 | Do not quote us on this thought, but is 2 Broke Girls‘ Oleg almost kinda sorta maybe becoming just a bit —  what’s the word? — tolerable?

| Can we consider Katharine McPhee effectively introduced now? And if you caught the Smash premiere, who else is (not so) secretly on Team Ivy Lynn?

9 | Did Glee really need to make Mr. Schue so stupid to make believable his transition from Spanish teacher to History teacher?

10 | This Ringer dialogue — “You’re no closer to Bodaway Macawi than you were six months ago. Pathetic” — kinda referred to the pace of that storyline itself, no? Also: Who was more confused and confounded by this week’s episode: Henry, Tyler or viewers?

11 | Is news of Jason Ritter’s pilot adding a bittersweet undertone to Sarah and Mark’s charming Parenthood romance?

12 | Seriously, New Girl? Couldn’t just give us that one Nick and Jess kiss? And where the heck has Cece been?

13 | Just how many batteries and memory cards did The River‘s cameraman bring along for this remote expedition exactly?

14 | Who had this week’s creepiest doll: White Collar (with “the present from hell”), The River (eek, it’s a doll tree!) or The Secret Circle (Faye’s ratty totem)?

15 | Who else wants to go play dress-up in the Revenge wardrobe trailer? The dresses…. [Dreamy sigh] Once we’re done there, how do we score an invite to the Graysons’ next Revenge-ful dinner party?

16 | On Modern Family, did Greg Kinnear’s serial smoocher remind you a little too much of a certain Saturday Night Live skit involving an overly-affectionate family? And the Cam-Gloria kitchen tango was this season’s funniest moment, si?

17 | Do you hope that someone at ABC is considering a Suburgatory spinoff built around Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer’s delightfully daffy couple?

18 Does Heejun Han’s facial expression here pretty much sum up your feelings about Thursday’s American Idol?

19 | Does it sometimes seem like the pretty peeps on Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle are always either A) thrusting one another against walls during foreplay, or B) thrusting one another against walls during fights? And speaking of Vampire Diaries: Did anyone else have a hard time hearing all that very pivotal dialogue over the loud waltz pop song?

20 | Was Grey’s Anatomy doing another “alt reality” this week? One where someone who looks like Lexie has no date for Valentine’s?

21 | Should IKEA be flattered or horrified by 30 Rock‘s (arguably realistic) depiction of the furniture mart as a relationship-destroying prison?

22 | Has anyone else noticed that snippets of the Up All Night theme song play throughout each episode?

23 | Who else is going to think twice about buying anything by Cynthia Rowley after watching her make Mondo cry on Project Runway All-Stars?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!