Nikita's Melinda Clarke Previews 'Fascinating' Amanda Flashback: 'She Is a Ruthless Creature'

Since Division recently was damn near cleaned and swept (and abolished!), it should come as no surprise that Amanda is back and more badass than ever in tonight’s episode of Nikita (8/7c, The CW). And, Melinda Clarke tells TVLine, because of that, we’re finally going to get a glimpse into how the rogue operation’s Head Bitch in Charge became… well, the Head Bitch in Charge.

“Quite a few of the episodes coming up have flashbacks,” she reveals, noting that one of the more “fascinating” ones features “how Division was created and just how much of a role Amanda had in making it what it was today.”

Exclusive First Look: Nikita Flashes Back to Pre-Division Days

Don’t expect the Amanda of yesteryear to be naive or green, either. Clarke says that, surprisingly, her alter ego has “always had this ambition and a very clear idea about what Division should be.” In fact, “We’re actually going to find out that, in some ways, she was even more ruthless back then.

“The only place I think Amanda is really different [in the flashback] is with Nikita,” she adds. “She was a little softer with her in the past, because she had such true respect for her. Whereas the Amanda of present feels betrayed by Nikita and has since replaced her with Alex. Even though she’s using Alex for her overall master plan, she does have a connection with her. But she’s still always going to be that ambitious, ruthless creature.” And, as if there was any doubt, Clarke confirms that the kind of evil Amanda “is a creature.”

Then again, who wouldn’t be a little pissy if they had to deal with her follicular challenges? “I finally get to do some 1998 hair,” the O.C. alum says with a laugh, “so that was fun!”

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