Revenge Recap: The New Revengenda

Revenge Recap [Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Wednesday’s episode of Revenge, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

The countdown to next week’s anticipated Fire & Ice Ball continued on Revenge last night as the Graysons played host to another dinner party from hell. Who was left in the crosshairs and who was exposed? Let’s review.

After Jack Porter stumbled upon one of the missing tapes from Treadwell’s collection, Emily used Fauxmanda (she’s baaaack!) as bait to try to get it back before he could see what was on it. Unfortunately, her plot fizzled and Jack (with a surprising assist from Nolan) watched the footage of a terrified 10-year-old Amanda Clarke pleading for Treadwell to find a “dark-haired woman” named Victoria that her father used to “kiss on the lips all the time.” (We know how that plan turned out.) Furious, Jack crashed the Grayson’s dinner party from hell and threatened Victoria, in turn exposing three secrets she thought could stay buried: Charlotte’s paternity, the real story of her daughter’s consensual conception and her state of affair with David Clarke.

The episode ended with Emily returning home to find that someone stole her box of revenge materials from under the floorboards and replaced it with a Fire & Ice Ball R.S.V.P. (“Miss Emily Thorne will attend”) penned in her signature red marker. Gasp! But who could it be? Fauxmanda? Crazy Tyler? The ghost of Frank Stevens? Only time will tell, but this time next week, we’ll be rolling over the unknown body on the beach.

Other notes:

* Victoria called on Grandpa Grayson (guest star William Devane, Knots Landing) to help smooth over the divorce proceedings. It was clear that the two were very fond of one another and that he was very much Team Vicky (as he affectionately calls her). The queen actually cracked a smile in the ep – and a few jokes to boot.

* As Conrad pulled away from his daughter, Victoria overcompensated, trying her hardest to bond with Charlotte. We even saw Victoria change out of her normal attire, donning a pair of pants when she went on an outing to the Stowaway with Charlotte. (Of course, old habits die hard, and the queen immediately inquired about their wine list.)

* In a budding bromance, we saw Nolan purchase a 65-inch television for Jack’s “recovery” and the two had a heart-to-heart about being each other’s only true friends.

* In flashbacks to how they met, we saw a dressed-down Emily stalking a wasted Daniel at the bar during his college days.

* Victoria demanded that Conrad stop being so cold to Charlotte, so he sat down for a heartfelt conversation with his daughter. Their strong relationship shone through as Charlotte told the story of him helping her through her first heartbreak, but came to a crashing halt as soon as the truth came out.

* Grandpa Grayson insisted that Conrad step down as CEO and groom Daniel to take over. Of course, Conrad was up in arms, exclaiming, “You may have brought the Grayson name to the company, but I brought the global!” (Cut to Victoria going all Mwhahahahaha from atop the staircase.)

Revenge fans, thoughts on Wednesday’s episode? Who do you think stole Emily’s box? Are you prepared for the infamous party next week?

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