Happy Endings Preview: Lone Star's James Wolk on Wooing Max (and His Friends!)

James Wolk Happy EndingsAlthough James Wolk juggled a girlfriend and a wife on Fox’s short-lived Lone Star, he’s now a one woman kind of guy: The hunk joins Happy Endings tonight (ABC, 9:30/8:30c) for a three-episode arc as Max’s (Adam Pally) former — and presumably future — boyfriend, Grant. The deets:

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CUPID, TAKE THE WHEEL | Max and Grant broke up a while ago, but one of the most romantic days of the year manages to bring them back together… in (what did you expect?) unexpected fashion. “They run into each other on Valentine’s Day,” previews Wolk. “As fate has it, Max is driving his limo, and he picks Grant up” for a date with another guy! Needless to say, the other dude doesn’t stand a chance. “[Max and Grant’s] relationship rekindles,” teases the actor.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT | To date a guy like Max, Grant must have some quirks of his own, right? Maybe not. “He’s always immaculately dressed and has what he thinks is the perfect thing to say,” says Wolk. That doesn’t sound so bad. Is it? “Deep down, he’s just trying to adapt because he wants people to like him,” his portrayer elaborates. Now that sounds a little more adorably dysfunctional, especially when we factor in the fact that, despite Grant’s eagerness to please, “He loves that Max doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him.”

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HE’S FRIENDS APPROVED | Max’s band of buddies play matchmaker by pushing him “to make amends” with his ex and give it another try. But why are they so gung-ho about the two getting back together? Because they really, really like Grant! “The girls fall for him, which is hilarious because he obviously doesn’t reciprocate that,” laughs Wolk. And metrosexual “Brad takes a distinct liking to the way that he dresses and wants to be his best friend.” But there is one member of the group who is immune to Grant’s charms. “Dave,” Wolk reveals, “is the only one that’s saying, ‘Wait a minute, I’m the cool guy here.’”

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IT’S A LAUGH RIOT | Wolk’s wanted to try his hand at comedy “for a while now,” he admits. But the genre comes with its challenges, especially when working with a loose and hilarious bunch like the Happy Endings cast. “I’m having such a hard time keeping a straight face,” he confesses. “Every time they yell ‘Cut!’ I’m laughing.” And since he was working mainly with scene-stealing improv vet Pally, Wolk — who calls himself a “big fan” of the ABC series — really had to “be on my toes and bring my A-game because [Pally is] very off the cuff and very funny.”

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