Nurse Jackie Exclusive: Season 4 Poster Reveals Jackie is Out of Tricks, Excuses and [Spoiler]!

No one’s ever accused Nurse Jackie of being a model of moderation. But, as this exclusive first look at her namesake series’ Season 4 key art suggests, going forward, she won’t be exercising any restraint whatsoever.

Frankly, why would she?

Since our title junkie (Edie Falco) split up with hubby Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) in the Showtime hit’s third season finale, she has no ball and chain to slow her down. But, left entirely to her own devices, how low will she sink?

Any way you slice it — and any way you look at this picture — we’re coming up on a game-changing batch of episodes (kicking off Sunday, April 8). What do you think? Will Jackie bottom out and bounce back? Or bottom out and just keep going? Thoughts, theories, observations in the comments, please.

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Spoilers

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