Hey, New Girl - It's a Make-Your-Own-Video Party!

The entire cast of New Girl is at your mercy.

The Fox comedy’s new music video for its “Hey Girl” theme song — sung by Zooey Deschanel herself — lets viewers take charge with an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure party.

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Here’s how it works: Head on over to Fox.com and you can, for example, decide whether Cece and a gang of party crashers marches into the apartment or creates mayhem. Will Jess stumble, trying to get close to a gay guy, or completely fall down? And what’s a party without costumes? There are togas, beachwear, sexy PJs, mod ’60s threads…. The choice is yours!

You can also pick between getting the group to do the chicken dance or make like a flash mob. (Chicken dance is always the right answer, in case you’re wondering.) And on and on and on it goes. And we do mean on — Fox claims there are 950 possible combinations!

After you’re done playing, show off your masterpiece to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and then hit the comments to tell us what was your favorite traveled New Girl party road. Frankly, we have a soft spot for the Chorus Line dance moves.