Super Bowl Commercials: The Best and Worst!

Darth Vader? Check. Creepy babies? Check. Cute puppies swimming? Check. Movie trailers? Check. Regis Philbin? Check.
Super Bowl XLVI is history, but the Monday morning quarterbacking over the real main event — the commercials — is only just beginning.
Herewith are TVLine’s choices for the four best and two worst spots during NBC’s four-hour footballpalooza.
Peruse our picks and then vote for your favorites in the poll below!

BEST | Best Buy — The Trailblazers

So that’s what the creator of Instragram looks like! Cool.

BEST | Chevy — Surviving the Apocalypse

The best End of Days-themed car commercial featuring Barry Manilow music ever.

BEST | Chrysler — Halftime in America

Dirty Harry’s love letter to Detroit was simple, quiet and powerful.

BEST | Bud Light — Rescue Dogs

Cute animal commercial with a twist: It comes with an awesome message! 

WORST | Coca-Cola — The Polar Bears

Been there, seen them a million times before.

WORST | Bud Light Platinum — Factory

The official drink for tools.

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