Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVI: How Did She Do?

Things might get a little awkward on the set of The Voice come Monday morning — especially if Kelly Clarkson bumps into Christina Aguilera at the craft services table.

Clarkson — inaugural American Idol champ, current pop superstar, and recently announced adviser to Voice judge Blake Shelton — just finished killing it delivering the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Voice mentor Aguilera, meanwhile, pretty much murdered “The Star Spangled Banner” (and not in a good way) with a botched lyric and a histrionic delivery a year ago (at Super Bowl XLV).

But hey…let’s not dwell on the tawdry past. (Xtina, after all, gave us “Beautiful,” “Dirrty,” “Ain’t No Other Man,” and Beverly McClellan — all of which we are thankful for.)

Clarkson, dressed in a simple black boat-neck dress (and rocking some dark and stylish bangs), proved a sublime choice to deliver the National Anthem at the start of the New York Giants-New England Patriots showdown. Backed by a chorus of adorable grade-schoolers, Clarkson showed blessed restraint, took just a few interesting liberties with the melody, and delivered a performance that was heartfelt, respectful, and chock full of power. (Wish they’d shown just a little more of her, though, no?)

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