What to Watch on Super Bowl Sunday - Instead Of, You Know, the Big Game

If the Super Bowl doesn’t strike your fancy — and mind you, NBC’s coverage of the game starts at noon EST, six-and-a-half hours before kick-off — but you still want an excuse to park yourself on the couch and surround yourself with TV treats, you’re in luck. Because in addition to fresh episodes of Shameless, Luck, Downton Abbey and the like (to be detailed in tomorrow’s TVLine-Up), there’s a little something for everyone this Sunday, including some kid-friendly movies and mind-numbing marathons.

Scroll down through our round-up of super alternatives — TVLine has you covered for everything except the day’s supply of pizza and chicken wings. (All times are EST.)

4 am – 11 pm | Law and Order marathon (TNT) | Start and end your Sunday with 19 non-stop hours of the classic crime drama.

8 am – 6 pm | Swamp People marathon (History) | Instead of watching men tackle each other, watch men bait and tackle alligators.

9 am – 7 pm | Bring It On-athon (ABC Family) | There are apparently five movies total, but for some reason ABC Family isn’t bringing ’em on… in order. (For purists, it goes like this: Bring It On Again, BIO: In It to Win It, Bring It On, BIO: Fight to the Finish and BIO: All or Nothing.)

9 am – 10 pm | Being Human (Syfy) | Catch the entire first season of the hit supernatural show.

9 am – 11 pm | Law and Order: SVU marathon (USA Network) | We advise you switching back and forth between something a bit less disturbing during this 14-hour stretch.

10 am – Monday 6 am | Absolutely Fabulous (BBC America) | What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hit British sitcom that with 20 absolutely continuous hours?

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Noon – Monday 2 am | Real Housewives marathon (Bravo) | It’s a 14-hour mish-mash of cities, housewives and seasons. There’s no way to prepare.

1 pm – 5 pm | Best of I Love The ’80s/’90s (VH1) | Know what the two decades have in common? Madonna, as in this year’s Super Bowl halftime performer.

3 pm – 3 am | Puppy Bowl VIII (Animal Planet) | This annual special runs on a loop until 3 am. Not a puppy lover? There’s also a kitten halftime show and a piglet pep squad!

3:30 pm – 9:30 pm | High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 (Disney) | Whether you need a way to entertain your kids while you mark party preparations or are indulging in a guilty pleasure, we won’t judge.

6 pm – Monday 2 am | Cupcake Wars (Food Network) | For a sweet treat, watch cupcake-makers battle it out. Surprisingly none of the episodes are Super Bowl-themed!

6 pm – Monday 3 am | Kitchen Nightmares (CMT) | That’s right, nine hours of Gordon [bleep]ing Ramsay.

7 pm – Midnight | The 100 Greatest Songs of the 00s, Parts 1-5 (VH1) | Know who probably has one or two of ’em? Kelly Clarkson, as in the singer of the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl.

Regular primetime fare, including new episodes of some cable shows, will be detailed in Sunday’s TVLine-Up.

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