Glee Preview: 10 Spoilery Highlights From Next Week's 'The Spanish Teacher'

Glee is singing a new tune — and in a different language —  on next Tuesday’s episode, and we’ve got a sneak peek at all the fiesta-tivities. See who’s under fire — and who’s simply en fuego — when Ricky Martin dances his way into McKinley High.

1 | Mr. Schue’s teaching abilities are called into question, and Principal Figgins warns him that he won’t get the open tenure spot unless his Spanish skills get bueno…rapido!

2 | Sue decides she wants to have a child — and turns to the New Directions guys (!) and Mr. Schue for sperm donations. Naturally, Emma responds to Sue going after her fiancé’s genetic material with…a pamphlet.

3 | Will starts taking Spanish classes at night with Dave Martinez (Ricky Martin). Not only does Martin go on to deliver the swoon-worthy version of “Sexy and I Know It” that TVLine debuted on Thursday, but he also cooks up an electric duet with Santana.

4 | Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) returns to coach the Cheerios on a new routine, and delivers some solid burns to Sue in the process. (Both Roz and Santana’s reactions to Sue’s baby aspirations are “with whose vagina?”) But does the synchronized swimming coach have a larger agenda?

5 | Sam and Mercedes go to non-couples counseling with Emma about their kiss. Her solution? Communication cut-off for a full week. But does communication count when it’s in the form of a musical performance?

6 | Rachel spills her proposal news to Mercedes and Kurt, but neither of her buddies hops aboard Team ‘Put a Ring on It.’ In fact, look for a brotherly heart-to-heart about the engagement between Kurt and Finn — even if it means Kurt has to break a promise to Rachel in bringing up the subject.

7 | Mr. Martinez might make you sweat, but Mr. Schue is certain to make you cringe — in a performance where he dresses as a bullfighter and gets backup support from Mike and Brittany.

8 | In a double shocker, we find that two unlikely sources tattled on Will (for poor teaching skills) and Sue (for poor coaching performance). Will is shocked by the news, while we discover Sue had already snuck into Figgins’ filing cabinet to uncover the identity of her accuser.

9 | Mercedes and Sam hit another wall in their path to romance — and it’s shaped a lot like Shane.

10 | The episode ends with a shocker about [SPOILER] and the future of McKinley High.

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