Secret Circle's Shelley Hennig on Diana's Love Life, Plus An 'Unexpected' Diana/Faye Moment

What’s a girl to do when she’s still in love with her ex, but he’s moving on? We seem likely to get the answer in this Thursday’s episode of The Secret Circle (The CW, 9/8c), because not only does good witch Diana find herself in precisely that predicament, but she’s throwing a birthday bash for her old flame to boot!

Here, TVLine chats with the sorceress’ portrayer, Shelley Hennig, about her character’s feelings for Adam, the possibility that she could be the second Blackwell child and, of course, all those Faye/Diana shippers.

Secret Circle Hot Shots: A Devilish Valentine’s

TVLINE | Diana and Ethan throw Adam a birthday party this week. How does that go?
Isn’t that interesting? You know, after Ethan rocked Diana’s world… he seems to be coming around. Adam has a rough relationship with his father. Even though Diana is dealing with Adam and Cassie, she’s still in love with Adam. She wants to be there for him, and she thinks it’s important to do something for his birthday. She’s always done it. It just so happens that Ethan asks Diana for help. So it’s kind of awkward, but Ethan’s really making an effort.

TVLINE | Birthdays are often a time when people rekindle their romances.
Right?! I don’t think that was Diana’s intention. As Adam’s best friend and the closest person she’s ever been to, she just thinks it’s the right thing to do, to throw him a birthday party. I think she tries to make herself… seem like the smallest amount of the reason [why] he’s actually having a birthday thrown, but Ethan throws Diana a loop, so she has to take control.

TVLINE | Do you feel like Diana and Adam are in a stronger place by the end of this episode? Or are they further apart?
I don’t know. I definitely don’t think it’s over.

TVLINE | How is she dealing with the budding Cassie/Adam romance?
It’s not easy for her. If it was, that would mean Diana was never really in love with Adam. You can’t move on that quickly. Diana, just as a mature person – for such a young age, might I add – she’s made the best decision for her and Adam. That was to give Adam the room to explore what he has with Cassie. Because if he doesn’t, then Diana will never know if she’s meant to be with him.

Once Prince Heads to Secret Circle

TVLINE | Is she pushing Cassie toward the other option – Jake?
There’s that, too. Diana wants to see how it unfolds naturally, because otherwise, she won’t get the right answer. She’ll still be where she was in the beginning. The breakup in their relationship would have been pointless. But who knows? Maybe Diana won’t be able to be as mature [indefinitely], and maybe she’ll lose it and push her toward Jake and be manipulative.

TVLINE | What are her feelings about Jake at this point?
They need Jake to have a complete circle. If they don’t have a complete circle, then they’re in trouble, and they don’t have powers. So Jake is there because he has to be. She’s on guard with Jake.

TVLINE | Is there any romance in store for Diana, with a new guy possibly?
Absolutely. Diana makes a decision in the Valentine’s Day episode to move on, because she has to, in the meantime, while Adam’s figuring out what’s going on with Cassie. She’s got to protect her heart, so she decides she’s going to move on. Not necessarily with another guy, but just in general. [But] she gets distracted with someone in Chance Harbor.

TVLINE | We have to talk about Fayanna. I got quite a few Faye/Diana questions for you from fans.
I think people love a good rivalry, and they established that in the pilot. What’s ironic is Phoebe [Jane Tonkin] and I are pretty close in real life. We hang out a lot together. I think people caught on to that. They’re like, “Oh, that’s cool, they’re actually really friends in real life, so we want to see them together.” [Laughs] But it’s the CW. Who knows where it’s going to go? We’re open to whatever, but we’re enjoying the shipping. It’s fun.

TVLINE | Is their friendship going to be softening a bit? Or will it remain antagonistic?
You’re going to understand more about Faye and Diana’s relationship coming up. You’re going to see that unfold. I don’t want to say in what way it’s going to be, but I’d say it’s safe to say that it’s unexpected.

TVLINE | There’s also a lot of speculation that Diana is the second Blackwell child. What do you think of that theory?
Oh, interesting! I think it’d be interesting if anybody was the other Blackwell child. If Diana is the other Blackwell child, what would make sense is why she has this connection with Cassie and why, when she and Adam break up, she goes to Cassie and cries to her, of all people. So I think it would make sense. But it could go any way.

TVLINE | Do you see that potential for darkness in her?
Let’s face it – her father’s Charles, and her grandmother is crazy. She’s out of her mind. They both have dark magic. I think it’s inevitable. I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see. Maybe there’s more Diana in Charles, and maybe there’s more Charles in Diana? I don’t know. I really do hope that they explore that. I love working with Gale [Harold].