One Tree Hill Preview: Where Is Nathan Scott?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind beginning next Wednesday in a game-changing episode of One Tree Hill: Where is Nathan Scott?

The CW soap’s longtime leading man has seemingly vanished and, in a strange turn of events, it’s his former foe Chris Keller who attempts to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance.

In the following clip from “The Killing Moon,” Keller accompanies Haley to the police station to file a missing person’s report. Unfortunately, she gets the runaround and turns to the the aforementioned third-person pro for help.

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As for what the heck happened to Nate, James Lafferty hints, “This season has one of the more out-there things Nathan’s had to deal with. It’s a story about him losing control over his fate for the first time… He’s really in jeopardy [and] it’s a frustrating time for him.”

Lafferty adds that while it’s a trying time for Nate and his Tree Hill fam, it ultimately results in “one of the most amazing examples of storyline resolution we’ve had on our show.”

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