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What took so long for Fringe‘s Astrids to meet? Can Chuck remain a good boy? Is a Criminal Minds couple about to hit the skids? What’s this about meeting Bree Van de Kamp’s dead mom?! Read on for those scoops, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Fringe | This Friday’s episode finally brings together our Astrid with her alt self, raising the question: What took so long? (If I had a doppelganger out there, I’d seek him out pronto if only to see if he found a better hairstyle.) Well as Jasika Nicole explains, Astrid simply has bigger fish to fry. “I think that because they’re solving these cases and trying to save lives and trying to protect these universes from being destroyed, any ounce of selfishness totally gets taken out of the equation,” she tells me. “Who has time to spy on their doppelganger when hundreds of people are nearing death because some crazy vigilante is on the loose?” Nicole adds that while Astrid might in part be “afraid” to meet her Other self – who, by the way, the actress confirms has Asperger’s – “I think that deep down inside, she would’ve loved to go over there to see her.” Instead, as you will see, alt-Astrid is the one who makes the trip, “for selfish reasons,” Nicole reveals.

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Gossip Girl | Sure, Blair may have bailed on her big day with Dan in tow, but you gotta believe that one Chuck Bass is not out of the picture. But can the bad boy keep up his semi-reformed ways long enough to lay claim to his great love? “We were very conscious to make sure that Chuck up to [the wedding episode] did not slide back,” says EP Josh Safran, “because we do believe that Chuck has learned and is still continuing to learn. That evolution is real; it’s not just so easily lost or so easily gained.” So while Chuck “will continue to be tested,” Safran allows, “I definitely think he approaches these tests now from a place of, ‘I really don’t want to slide back’ as opposed to, ‘Oh, it’s so easy to slide back, I’m just going to go do it.'”

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Criminal Minds | When JJ evolves into a full-on action figure in the Feb. 15 episode of the CBS procedural – and gets pretty bloody in the process! – you have to wonder if the peril that comes with her new gig might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to baby daddy William LaMontagne. “People are starting to get nervous about that, but…. We’ll see,” A.J. Cook tells me. And she means we literally will see what’s next for the parents when Josh Stewart reprises the role of Will again later this season, along with Cook’s real-life son. “We are definitely going to see them again, and I’m really excited for that storyline to play out.” As Cook notes with a laugh, while some fans adore Will and/or JJ’s home life, “There are also these dudes who are like, ‘Yeah, she needs to be a single woman!’ So I guess time will tell.”

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Glee | OK, Gleeks, put on your thinking caps (I believe Brittany literally owns a tin-foil one?) and try to solve the riddle behind this new casting call. The Fox hit is looking to guest-cast in one episode a handsome and successful 30-year-old named Stephen, with two important caveats: The guy needs to be at least six feet tall, and the role comes with zero dialogue. That said, this Stephen is said to figure into “an important moment in the script”…? Ready, set, speculate!

Meet the Parents! | Before we say a final farewell to Wisteria Lane, Desperate Housewives viewers will meet Bree’s mother – no small feat, seeing as she died long ago, at the hand of a drunk driver, when Bree was but a tyke. The ABC drama is currently casting the prim matriarch, who will be seen in circa-early ’70s flashbacks, as will an 8-year-old Bree…. Over on Modern Family, meanwhile, viewers can expect to meet Cameron’s father, Merle, sometime during May sweeps. The role being cast is described “a solid, masculine, gruff Midwestern guy” in his 60s. I’m calling it now: Lee Majors.

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CSI: Miami | If you were one of the 19 people who saw the unrated Bolero back in the 1980s, you may feel a sense of déjà vu – although not deja nude – when Bo Derek guest-stars on the Feb. 19 episode of the CBS crime drama. Playing the owner of a stable, Derek will bring her real-life horseback skills to the screen, including in one sequence that evokes, somewhat, her (literally) bareback Bolero gallop. “We tried to recreate that exact shot, with the slow-motion approach and everything,” exec producer Marc Dube shares, “if only to recapture some of that.” As for whether Bo’s character will register a perfect 10 on that week’s suspect list, Dube would only admit, “We look at her for a while.”

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