New Spoiler Alert!: First Look at Cougar Town's Return, House Preview and More!

It’s only Episode 2 of Spoiler Alert!, and already we’re going on location — to exotic “Napa Valley” to be specific.

While there, I sat down with the cast of Cougar Town and got the deets on the long-, long-awaited Season 3 (bowing Feb. 14); the wedding in which it might culminate; the make-out session that, if Christa Miller has her way, you’ll have to see to believe; and just how amazing a certain special guest star was. (No, not David Arquette. Although I’m sure he was fine, too.)

Plus, this edition’s segment of Spoiler Alert Theater finds two of the comedy’s more potty-mouthed castmates doing a dramatic reading of a tense scene between Hugh Laurie and special guest star Jeffrey Wright from next week’s House.

So what are you waiting for? Click below, sit back and imbibe. Er, enjoy!