Gossip Girl Post Mortem: Show's Boss Talks Wedding Aftermath for Chair, Dair and Georgina!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

It wouldn’t be an episode of Gossip Girl if there wasn’t some drama, and the CW’s series’ 100th episode Monday night delivered it in spades. But what comes next now that Blair has married her prince and run out on her reception with Dan, leaving behind Chuck and Serena? And is that Gossip Girl reveal for real? Below, executive producer Josh Safran answers our burning questions.

Gossip Girl 100th Episode Recap: Did Princess Blair Make a Royal Mistake?

CAN BLAIR GET AN ANNULMENT? | “That will be answered in the next episode,” promises Safran, as well as what this turn in her relationship with Louis means for Blair’s pact with God.

IS THERE HOPE FOR CHAIR? | Let’s put it this way: “Chuck and Blair are never over,” says Safran. Even though it the two are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, “There’s always been a thorn in the side of Chuck somewhere,” the EP notes. “Maybe it’ll be Dan. Maybe it’ll be someone else.” It’s only natural then that Chuck and Blair’s storyline will remain plenty angsty. “It’s a very tortured relationship for both them,” he continues. “In a weird way, sometimes people love that torture. And sometimes, people can’t stand that torture. That’s going to be the balance of what happens for a little while.”

WHERE DOES DAN TAKE BLAIR? | “They go someplace we’ve never shot before [but] we’ve always wanted to,” hints Safran. “It was a really complicated, but super fun, big, great set piece.” And it won’t be all drama and tears when they get there. “[The next episode] has, in my mind, some of the best comedy we’ve ever done,” he adds. “[It’s] very funny.”

Gossip Girl: Blair’s Royal Wedding Brings Love, Scheming and Blasts From the Past

IS THERE DAIR ROMANCE IN THE AIR? | As for what the developments in Episode 100 mean for Dan and Blair – she now also knows he wrote Louis’ vows – Safran teases, “That story is going to go in an interesting direction.” As we saw this week, Blair has come to rely on Dan a great deal when she’s in trouble. But the lovesick guy might actually tire of being her go-to lapdog friend. “At a certain point, he probably won’t be able to stand feeling that anymore and force Blair to not treat him that way,” says the EP. “Or not treat him at all.”

HOW WILL EVERYONE REACT TO DAN & BLAIR RUNNING OFF? | “Obviously, it’s going to rankle Serena when she discovers what’s happening between” her ex-boyfriend and her best friend, says Safran. With the next episode picking up right after this week’s major turn of events, “You’re going to see [Chuck and Serena] learn [about Dan and Blair running away],” he continues. “You’re going to see what they do about it, how it impacts them. The story of that next episode is Chuck and Serena together dealing with Dan and Blair.”

HAS GEORGINA ALWAYS BEEN GOSSIP GIRL? | Safran wouldn’t comment, but he did confirm that Georgina “has this role” now, so she’ll be sticking around to “get even more dirt and gossip…and cause so much more trouble.” The reveal will also take viewers behind the curtain with the wizard. “You’re now invited into a process that for years you haven’t seen,” he explains. “Seeing just how Gossip Girl gets her tips and what she does to get her tips is really fun and a new thing.” And don’t worry, Veronica Mars fans, Kristen Bell’s voice-overs aren’t going anywhere.

Gossip Girl fans, what do you think about where things are headed for the UES crowd?