Shameless Shocker: Cast, Producers Dish on Karen's Big [Spoiler] and Preview What's Next

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch this week‘s episode of Shameless, avert your eyes now! If you’ve yet to watch this week‘s episode of Shameless, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

On Sunday’s Shameless, Karen dropped a bombshell on her friend-with-benefits Lip: She’s preggers!

Even more surprising, although the oldest Gallagher boy may be a rebel in most aspects of his life – taking the SATs for other kids, selling pot out of an ice cream truck, etc. — this is one area where Lip will attempt to be accountable while “trying to collect the pieces” in the aftermath of Karen’s news, his portrayer Jeremy Allen White tells TVLine.

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“He’s trying to be as different from Frank as he possibly can with the idea of fatherhood,” continues White, referring to his onscreen dad played by William H. Macy. “He’s ready to take on any responsibility that might come across his path.”

Of course, there’s the little issue of whether the baby is definitely his. “We don’t know, and Karen doesn’t know [either],” points out exec producer John Wells, adding that the mom-to-be “doesn’t want to actually know.”

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But if Karen’s telling the truth about her and new fiancé Jody not having slept together yet, who else besides frequent hook-up Lip could be the daddy? “I think there is a third [candidate] that we discover,” teases Wells with a laugh. “She’s been a little promiscuous.” Whatever the paternity outcome, “she doesn’t want to have it with Lip, and she doesn’t want to keep the baby.”

Meanwhile, the baby news will also cause tension at home for the Gallagher brood. In particular, Fiona — who already has to take care of all of her younger siblings — will be “very angry with Lip,” says Emmy Rossum. “Everyone knows Karen is the town bike. And she doesn’t even know if that baby is Lip’s. … That storyline and how that plays out for Lip and Karen will be a big for the season.”