Backstage at SAG Awards: Jessica Lange Mulls More Horror, Sofia Vergara's 'Tiny' Secret & More

After this year’s Screen Actors Guild Award winners were handed their trophies, they headed backstage to revel in their wins and dish about what they’ve learned from their co-stars, what they’re wearing (or not wearing) and more.

2012 SAG Awards Winners List: Boardwalk Empire, Modern Family Score Top Honors

From curse words on the Modern Family set to 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin’s game addiction, TVLine was there to catch the chatter. Here are some choice quotables from the TV winners…

The Modern Family cast

(On what the kid actors have learned from the adults)
Nolan Gould | “I have learned lots of curse words from them.”
Rico Rodriguez | “I actually learned how to be a better actor.”

(And Ty Burrell on what he’s learned from the kids)
“Honestly, I’ve learned things like union rules. … They’ve been acting longer than I have.”

(Burrell counterpointing Alec Baldwin)
We have the best writers in Hollywood. I can’t imagine a better job.”

(Sofia Vergara in response to the seemingly requisite awards-show question about what she’s wearing underneath her tight dress)
“[Referring to statuette] He’s the commando. I always wear underwear; they’re just very tiny. It’s under… there.”

(On the last time they took an acting class)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson | “Ed [O’Neill] talked me through a scene recently that I wasn’t getting. [To O’Neill] You’re a very good teacher.”
Rodriguez | “Actually, Nolan and I were in the same acting class when we were going out for Modern Family.”

The Boardwalk Empire cast

(On winning SAG’s Best Drama Ensemble award for the second year in a row)
Michael Kenneth Williams | “This is my first anything, so this feels really good. Putting in the work, I feel very blessed to be here with my [television] family right now. … I never thought I’d be holding one of these and be among such fine actors.”
Michael Pitt | “It feels good. I’m hungry. I want a cigarette.”

(Steve Buscemi, who also won for Best Drama Actor, on the most challenging part of playing Nucky)
“Working with kids is…very inspiring. [Smiles] No, I love all these kids.”

(After two of the child actors get into a little physical altercation…)
Buscemi | “Were they fighting? Welcome to the cast of Boardwalk Empire. This happens every day.”

(Buscemi on being the show’s lead)
“I still feel like a character actor. Truly, for me, it’s being part of an ensemble. To me, the lead is Atlantic City.”

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

“It’s interesting because once I kind of threw my lot in with this project, the ride was actually quite great. You couldn’t second guess, and you couldn’t overthink, and for me, that was a great way to work. There was a certain urgency to it. It’s a big character, and I had a lot of fun with it…. I have to give a lot of credit to the writers for creating this character.”

(On whether she’ll return as a new character in Season 2)
“I’m thinking about it very seriously because, like I said before, the writing is marvelous, and it’s hard to come by great writing. I had the gamut to play from A to Z [in Season 1]. I’m seriously thinking about it.”

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

(On if there was ever a time he was afraid to speak out politically)
“I’m still scared to speak out. I want Season 7 [of 30 Rock] really badly.”

(Alluding to his recent run-in with, and ejection by, an American Airlines cabin crew)
“I am still playing Words With Friends — but now on Virgin Atlantic.”

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